¡Hola y bienvenido a Total Football, donde analizamos la mejor acción de los partidos MÁS GRANDES de Europa! Esta noche analizamos la derrota del PSG por 1-0 ante el Bayern de Múnich. Insípidos, irregulares y perdidos durante la gran mayoría de este juego, nos preguntamos si las tácticas de Christophe Galtier arruinaron sus esperanzas en la UCL por otro año. ¿Podrán Kylian Mbappé, Messi y Neymar dar la vuelta en el partido de vuelta o el gol de Kingsley Coman finalmente será la diferencia? ¿Disfruta el video? ¡Recuerda darle me gusta, dejar un comentario y suscribirte al canal para obtener más contenido excelente! ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————- 🔵: Suscríbete a Euro Football Daily: 🟢: Echa un vistazo a Football Daily: 🐦: Envíanos un tweet: 📸: Síguenos en Instagram: 📱: Síguenos en TikTok: 🎙️: escucha el podcast de tiempo extra: 🗣️: únete a Discord (dirigido por los fanáticos, para los fanáticos): 💛: envíanos un seguimiento en Snap: ————- ————————————————– ————————————————– —— ⬇️ Nuestros panelistas ⬇️ Joe: Chris: Pat: Zac: Dougs: McCubbs: Sam: Henry: ———————— ————————————————– ——————————————— Esto es Euro Football Daily : para los amantes del fútbol europeo. En este canal encontrará nuestros paneles semanales, cuestionarios de fútbol, ​​desgloses tácticos, avances/reseñas de grandes partidos, consejos de fútbol de fantasía, top 10 y mucho, mucho más. Su ventanilla única para ser el fanático más informado. ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————- #premierleague #footballdaily #footballanalysis

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40 comentarios en «¿Cómo las tácticas de Nagelsmann DESTRUYERON el sueño de la Champions League del PSG? | Fútbol total»
  1. It's funny that nobody seems to realize that Bayern is currently by far not at its best. It was exactly the same situation after the first match of Bayern against Barca. If Bayern gets into average shape till March, they will take their chances and beat PSG once again. They smashed Barca 3:0 at Camp Nou after everybody expected a revenge by Barca. Mbappe is world class but he cannot do the same to the first class Bayern defence what he did to these funny guys from Argentina.

  2. The Coman goal was not Nuno Mendes' fault at all, there were 4 Bayern against 3 PSG defenders (Marquinhos and Kimpembe being the other 2) because the PSG midfield was totally lost and it was quite a savable shot that Donnarumma, who was brilliant otherwise, let in

  3. Tie is by no means over. PSG looked so much better when Mbappe came on. Bayern will be missing Pavard and lucas meaning they'll have to go with a back 4 instead of a back 3. Also, Bayerns away record in the CL is way better than their home record. On the other hand, Mane should be fit and bayern always seem to be good for at least 1 goal. So PSG are probably gonna need 3, but they're more than capable of it. The tie is very finely poised.

  4. I like how people write off bayern, bayern too doesn't have some people they would like to play like mane who will terrorise PSGs keeper and defence so it's not a case of "oh psg do this and that" they will win it's also a case of Bayern totally shutting them down which you've seen they can do, but also those chances actually going in cause it could be argued that PSG remained in the game simply because bayern's chances didn't go in, had they gone in you'd all be singing different tunes here

  5. To be honest people love to blame the coach but forget that this his first season y'all and I believe that PSG lacks a proper back bone of CB and CDM also PSG is currently too top heavy without a pressing forwards

  6. Don’t blame the Coach.. the team is awful .. they just want to throw parties and smoke cigarettes.. Mbappe should have moved to Real Madrid, staying at PSG was a huge mistake … imagine being professional athletes and smoking cigarettes ..

  7. How does a team with Neymar AND Messi feel so impotent? I dont care that Mbappe was unavailable for most of the game….it felt like a few weeks ago everyone was trumpeting the greatest player ever after he won the World Cup…and now he cant get a shot on goal?!?! I feel like im taking crazy pills.

  8. Just remember: 2nd leg is not an easy task for Paris Saint Germain to overcame Bayern Munich.
    March 8 was destined to be an unlucky day for Paris Saint Germain.
    6 years earlier, they got humiliated 1-6 by Barcelona after winning 4-0 in Paris.
    With this defeat, I think Bayern Munich will run riot and scored 6 goals like Barcelona did.
    After this, Galtier will be sacked immediately and PSG failed to retain the league again.

  9. i am a goalie i dont think it was a mistake from donarumma yes navas would have saved it but that is because he is shorter, the shot came imeadiatly and it also came close to the keepers foot it is really awkward because it isnt a natural place too reach with your hands even harder with more height he could have saved it yes But im tired of hearing comentators who know jack sh5t about goalkeeping saying it is a mistake.
    also nuno mendes came across so he has to wait and see if the ball changes direction,

  10. PSGs performance is reminiscent of Real Madrid playing @ PSG for the home leg last year. Just said, we have a better chance beating you in the 2nd leg (different circumstances than last yr for sure), and did their best to shut up shop until Mbappe's cameo. Absolutely miserable to watch performances, in both cases! Hopefully, it leads to an incredibly entertaining 2nd leg, in the same way it was ~1 year ago

  11. PSG have NEVER won the UCL and yet we're all going crazy because theyve lost to one of the most succesfull clubs in Europe?? The UCL is not about money but football heritage. PSG have zero football heritage!!!!!

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