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[1] NFL: MLB: NBA: NHL: MLS: Ligas de fútbol europeas combinadas:

[2] ‘Tom Brady lleva a los Buccaneers a la victoria en Munich: ‘Una de las mejores experiencias futbolísticas que he tenido’ (Jeremy Bergman),

[3] ‘Por qué la temporada baja de la NFL es la sequía más larga en el calendario deportivo’ (Brandon Alisoglu)

[4] ‘Orígenes de la WLAF’ (Tod Maher)

[5] ‘Europa acepta WLAF, pero ¿será popular aquí?’ (Chris Dufresne)

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[8] ‘Por qué la NFL no ha conquistado a Europa… todavía (Cheddar)

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[20] ‘NFL podría tener dos franquicias en Londres, dice Roger Goodell’ (Ed Dixion) #football #nfl #superbowl

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28 comentarios en «Por qué perdió el fútbol americano»
  1. Rugby is popular in Western Europe and in parts of Eastern Europe. American Football is more popular in central Europe. I predict ELF will become a successful professional league but it should concentrate on doing that in central Europe rather than wasting money trying to expand into countries like the UK.

  2. Its more probable football to gain a solid foothold in America than American football doing the same in Europe, with the mentioned cases of England and Germany, who had much more contact with USA due to language and military.

    Theres another issue with American football, rugby is a sport that as many similarities and is already a solid sport, specially in France and on the british isles. Could american football just swallow the fans from rugby with american marketing? I find it rather improbable…

    As for football, as a portuguese guy that whatches it since being a kid, despite having a huge advance cannot rest on improving. European football nowadays are controlled by oil money clubs with just Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern being the notable exceptions of clubs who are run in the old fashion with fans actually having a word to say. Clubs from medium sizes leagues right now have zero cances of wining a champions league, when until this century it was quite common. Bosman rulling must be modified to put a brake on oil money spending.

    Also, we dont know what will happen in a era were two colossus like Messi and Robaldo are gone. I dont see anone worth their status, and that will also be an hurdle

  3. Football is a sport for the poor. Even poor cities can afford to build a little court and also small and "fraguile" people can become good strikers or defenders. The majority of the world can't produce 150kg monsters or even build a field to play American football.

  4. American Football is just not fun. They have more coaches than actual players, they stop the timer waaaay too often for waaay too long and it's not a sport where one can easily see how good a player is and show off some mad skills.

  5. Quick arguments why football will remain (and become in almost every country) the number one sports:
    – accessability: unlike other sports, performance is quite independent of fixed physical features like height or arm length.
    – availability: no ball? Take your empty water bottle or a stone. No Pitch? Take your shirts and form a goal.
    – more randomness = more emotions: a team can dominate the entire game, though loses by a deflected shot after a first corner last minute.

  6. The reason why football (and to an extent basketball) is so popular is because it is so easy and self explanatory to play yourself. You can play it with just one friend and a ball, that's it. Kids love playing it and they don't need anyone explaining the rules. Barrier of entry is super low, and when youve played it yourself you're more likely to watch it as well

  7. If I were to like American football, I think I'd love rugby first. I mean the difference between them that I noticed (with my limited knowledge about both sports) is that one can throw the ball forward while the other one cannot.

  8. There have been numerous attempts going back 40 years to make money on off season football in the USA and it never works. The game is too punishing for a player to play year round. So you get second rate play or maybe third rate (college being 2nd).
    It is clear that actual NFL games will sell out in UK and other cities in Europe. But most sell out in the US anyway.
    Also there is a lot of statistical evidence that teams that have to travel coast to coast (in USA) to play with only a week between perform poorly compared to teams that did not have to travel or traveled only a short trip. This would be a big detriment to any teams that played their home games in Europe.

    I think probably international teams in ML Baseball will come first.

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