Prueba The Athletic GRATIS durante 30 días: 📗 El nuevo libro de Tifo, «How to Watch Football» ya está disponible internacionalmente: Para la mayoría de los equipos, especialmente los de América del Sur, la Copa Mundial de Clubes de la FIFA es una rara oportunidad de probar su temple contra la élite europea. Tras un anuncio de Gianni Infantino, presidente de la FIFA, la Copa Mundial de Clubes se renovará, incluirá más equipos y generará más ingresos. De hecho, el torneo se ha convertido en un nuevo frente en la guerra de la FIFA contra la UEFA y la competición más lucrativa del mundo, la UEFA Champions League James Montague explica cómo, ilustra Marco Bevilacqua. Siga a Tifo Football: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Escuche el podcast de Tifo Football: The Athletic UK: Podcasts de Apple: Spotify: Vea más Tifo Football: Explicación de las tácticas: Finanzas y leyes: Podcast de Tifo Football: Videos más recientes: 1 Videos populares: Acerca de Tifo Football: Tifo ama el fútbol. Creamos desgloses tácticos, históricos y geopolíticos detallados del hermoso juego. Sabemos que existe un apetito por el contenido reflexivo e inteligente. Para cosas que hacen simple lo complicado. Brindamos análisis sobre la Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup y más. Nuestros podcasts entrevistan a algunas de las principales figuras del juego. Y nuestro editorial cubre el fútbol con profundidad y perspicacia. Fundada en 2017 y se convirtió en parte de The Athletic en 2020. Para consultas comerciales, comuníquese con Música extraída de Imágenes adicionales extraídas de #ClubWorldCup #ClubWC

En encontrarás las camisetas de los equipos de fútbol más importantes del mundo y de las selecciones nacionales más fuertes. Las elásticas de partido y entrenamiento de clubes como el Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, PSG o países como la selección española, alemana o inglesa las encontrarás En Camisetas de fútbol baratas porque tenemos las mejores ofertas y descuentos para ti.

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44 comentarios en «La guerra por el control del fútbol»
  1. as a European I couldnt care less about the CWC. UEFA should just focus on UCL In which actually it should avoid big changes. For years now the UCL has surpassed the world cup in quality and popularity, it just has to take good care of it and avoid crazy ideas

  2. And who exaclty wants to watch all these games? Football should be about prestige and tradition. Less games, more health for players, better performance, more excitement for fans. These people think football is some sort of NBA or NHL, where players play at 50% half of the season. Seriously who wants to watch 60 games a year.

  3. Liked the video but I thought one aspect was wrong. You mention CAF and AFC being for an expanded Club World Cup but not Conmebol. Conmebol benefits from an expanded Cup as well. A midseason tournament with 32 teams is much more exciting for Conmebol than a tournament right after a long season or 2 months into the offseason.

  4. I’ve said this for 2 years now:

    MLS wants to be like the Premiere League (credibility)

    The premier league wants to be like UEFA (global notoriety)

    UEFA wants to be like FIFA (monetary dominance)

    Popularity, money, and corruption all mixed in one

  5. "Share wealth" 🤡FIFA Stooges and corrupt capitalist want to squeeze the European cow that is all. The money will end in the pockets of the FIFA representatives. They will built Mansions in Africa or Asia for themselves but not Football pitches or Schools. I am willing to support the overall idea if FIFA becomes fully Transparent and Courts will be public in TV and corruption will be handle by a real court.

  6. This is why I celebrated the birth of the Super League. You have lawyers and businessmen infiltrating football and fighting over money but those same people would go out and beg the football community and fans to fight against the greed of the 14 super league clubs.

    This is why I'm happy for a new proper super league. People talk about history and what not I say screw that. No one bat eye lid when the Super Cup was abolished or when the Premier League was established (ironically broke away from the EFL due to greed as well). If the Super League can be more inclusive and less exclusive I think its a good idea for football. Keep football money within football.

  7. I would care more about my team winning the FA cup than if they won the club world cup.
    I'm all for getting the rest of the world up to speed when it comes to competition in football but why does it always have to start with boot licking the Chinese or Saudis. Notice that you don't see many FIFA execs proposing the development and improvement of leagues in Somalia, the Philippines or Nigeria.

  8. FIFA is probally the worst run IGO on the planet.

    The organization is structurally made up of the same confederations (who appoint the leadership) they are in competition with

    The confederations are made up of the national FAs; most of which are non profit-private entities.

    You have random sub confederations like the MENA running things like the “Arab Cup”. The OFC and Carribean ones that have power despite being in uncompetitive nations of a few hundred thousand.

    Under all that; national FAs which wouldn’t exist without the clubs and they hold the most power (the clubs)…and that’s only true of the big countries like England

    Each country runs their FA in their own way.

    Not to mention the IFAB.

    So to fix FIFA you have to fix all that. It’s brilliantly corrupt and attracts the most intelligent and sophisticated snakes because of this layered complicated system that really answers to no government but is highly influential and responsible for billions of dollars. There’s a reason why oligarchs and Oil Barons and wealthy sovereign states want in this business.

  9. Great video as always! Minor comment on the infographics though – while showing maps, it is quite confusing when the landmass is a 'light' colour and the waterbody is in 'dark' colours. Would be great if you can swap the colour schemes in future videos.

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