Prueba The Athletic GRATIS durante 30 días: 📗 El nuevo libro de Tifo, «Cómo ver fútbol» ya está disponible internacionalmente: los clubes de la Serie A están luchando para gastar dinero. En la ventana de transferencia de enero de 2023, cuando la Premier League gastó un total combinado de 800 millones de euros, la Serie A gastó solo 33 millones. ¿Pero por qué? ¿Qué impide que los clubes italianos compitan con sus homólogos europeos? ¿Cuáles son las principales fuentes de ingresos y por qué no son fructíferas? James Horncastle escribe, Henry Cooke ilustra. Siga a Tifo Football: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Escuche el podcast de Tifo Football: The Athletic UK: Podcasts de Apple: Spotify: Vea más Tifo Football: Explicación de las tácticas: Finanzas y leyes: Podcast de Tifo Football: Videos más recientes: 1 Videos populares: Acerca de Tifo Football: Tifo ama el fútbol. Creamos desgloses tácticos, históricos y geopolíticos detallados del hermoso juego. Sabemos que existe un apetito por el contenido reflexivo e inteligente. Para cosas que hacen simple lo complicado. Brindamos análisis sobre la Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup y más. Nuestros podcasts entrevistan a algunas de las principales figuras del juego. Y nuestro editorial cubre el fútbol con profundidad y perspicacia. Fundada en 2017 y se convirtió en parte de The Athletic en 2020. Para consultas comerciales, comuníquese con Música extraída de Imágenes adicionales extraídas de #SerieA

En encontrarás las camisetas de los equipos de fútbol más importantes del mundo y de las selecciones nacionales más fuertes. Las elásticas de partido y entrenamiento de clubes como el Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, PSG o países como la selección española, alemana o inglesa las encontrarás En Camisetas de fútbol baratas porque tenemos las mejores ofertas y descuentos para ti.

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47 comentarios en «Por qué el fútbol italiano no tiene dinero»
  1. Funny enough this video is the exact reason why potential owners should be looking into buying Italian clubs. If you have money and buy good players that fit the system, you could easily make the CL and win some league championships.

  2. recently i saw a youtuber stated that San Siro has poor rest room
    i dont know how much accurate that is
    this is not 80 to 90s when Serie A considered the best league and player like Zola,Gullit,Vialli which considered out of time in serie A turn out to be key figure in premier league

  3. I’m a Milan fan and have been saying this for a while now. Milan fans get angry with the club’s spending habits but Milan is in a league that generates such little money. They’ve done so well to develop the value of the club without having to spend lots of cash. The American investors are looking to generate value in a club, build its equity, in order to sell the club eventually. Milan was acquired by Elliot through a 300m defaulted loan and then sold the club for 1.3B. That’s the name of the game right now. But Red Bird’s goal is now to build the club and the league’s value through the media and breaking into new global markets. If they are successful we should hopefully see the league develop as well.

  4. This goes with Bundesliga and LaLiga too. The Bundesliga only has Bayern who can spend, just like Juventus before this year apocalypse. Juventus last year had the 3rd most expansive transfer ever in the winter window, Vlahovic.

    LaLiga has Real, Barcelona and Atletico, but the rest cant spend much while in Italy you still have Inter and Roma that are spending fair amount of money. Napoli paid Oshimen 80M and probably Milan will start spending again in the next seasons. So basically its just the premier league that is on a different level moneywise

    If you look at the clubs who spent the most in the last 10 years, Juventus is the 5th under Chelsea, city, utd and Barcelona.
    In the first 20 positions there are 8 english teams, 3 spanish teams, 2 french teams, 2 german teams and 4 italian teams.

    So its a bit of a cherry picking to just take a lame transfer window and compare It to the craziest transfer window a team in football ever had (Chelsea)

  5. Serie A was the best league from the 80s to mid 2000s bro. From Maradona to Platini, Matheus, Tardelli, Passarella, Van Basten, Baggio, Gullit, Falcao, Zico, Baresi, Nesta, Maldini, Pirlo, Seedorf, Kaka, Nedved, Buffon, Batistuta, Zidane, R9, Cafu. All the best in the world were playing in Italy

  6. As a league, language also plays a part in making the premier league more popular. Also their tv coverage is much much better than other leagues. Just the visuals of Premier League are better than any other league.

  7. Here's my own opinion on this, Serie A clubs need to find a centre of balance between player development and then sell that player. At the same time sourcing rare under looked talent develop that talent and sell the talent. While retaining cream of them all, the red flag I am seeing here is money so yeah that's going back to square one. I am wondering if I am a Serie A boss how do I make this work out. Anyway that's what I think, the gist is going back to the old model of doing business. Love first or work now ask for money later i think what about you?

  8. At the end of the day its the fanbase that's keeping serie A afloat and with its history that should not have been a problem. I think they're still a far more entertaining league to watch in comparison to Ligue 1, I mean you get teams like AS Roma, Juventus, Milan, Inter, Fiorentina, Udinese, Napoli, teams so rich in history and fanbase all over the world from the 90s era still keepign tabs on the league.

    I just think they did a really bad job promoting the league and getting exposure in many countries. In Indonesia it's so hard to watch certain matches legally yet its easier to watch Ligue 1, but its always boring unless its PSG. Serie A on the other hand should have been better even at a crisis. Serie A execs has a lot of work to do imo

  9. True but let's not forget that 3 teams on 4 in the champions league slots for Italy are between the best 8 of europe, sometimes it makes me laugh to hear something like 100 milion for enzo, knowing that a player like bennacer is probably not so distant in terms of quality, after seeing Tottenham vs Milan I realised that one of the top premier league teams is probably on the same level as Lazio or Roma, with some good player (even if no one is epic) and a bunch of players that are honestly just bad or bland to be kind.
    Liverpool, against Napoli, another example, completely destroyed as when they face a football style in which you don't have the open spaces that Pl teams leave behind they have no clue on how to attack if not crossing into a crowded area, also defensively embarrassing.
    My point is that yes serie A has no money, but I wouldn't say is so much behind from the other championships. I actually think is the best in terms of tactics and organisation.
    Especially if we compare it with Germany (in which only 2 teams to be honest are good) or France, wich without Psg would be inferior to the belgian league, or even Spain.

  10. I wonder why no rich arbab buys Inter, Roma, Milan, etc and they prefer to buy average and obscure clubs like Man City, Psg or Newcastle. It would be very profitable investing in this clubs, they already have a rich history and fans worldwide

  11. I absolutely love serie I have been watching it from England since my child hood now is the time government needs to work with the clubs and uefa so that its future can be saved if nothing is done there will be really bad consequences for it

  12. One of the reasons, obviously there are other reasons too, is the revenue from gates in Serie A is very low because attendances are very low.
    In the 70s, 80s and 90s attendances were very high in Italian top flight football: the Milan clubs would attract gates of 70,000 plus at the San Siro, Juve between 55 to 65,000 at the Stadio Communale and later at the Stadio Delle Alpi, Roma would get 65 to 75,000 at the Olympico and even perennial underachievers Fiorentina would fill the Artemio Franchi stadium with 55,000.

  13. Where to start? Here we go . You can buy refs ( yiu can buy refs in all leagues but the veil has been lifted here)2 . Resistance to change
    3. Apathy 4.state funded football (premier league)
    5.Terrible Marketing

  14. you missed two key points that affect italian football on a whole. First that italian clubs get very little income from tv rights compared the premier league and spanish teams and that making top 4 can make or break a clubs balance sheet. Second of all because of the lack of tv money, italian clubs are heavily reliant on matchday revenue and because of the impact of covid19, a lot of clubs are in debt and are still repaying loans that they needed to offset the loss of covid matchday income.

  15. I’m a Sampdoria fan, last year our president (that was already hated) was arrested for some dirty economic moves (this did not include Sampdoria), now he wants to sell Sampdoria, but he put it as a garant for his other companies (meaning that if you want to buy Sampdoria you must pay also for the other companies), it sucks and this season is going very badly, we are last, but our supporters still put their hearts in supporting the team.
    FORZA SAMP🔵⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔵

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