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33 comentarios en «¿Cómo podría alguien tomar esta decisión en el Chelsea?»
  1. If chelsea sell chilly and kovi I'll lose all faith in todd boehly. Give kovi whatever he wants he's been one of our best players for years and he's still playing at a great level. If they sell kovi I 100% believe they have no idea what they are doing.

  2. I can’t see chilly going he loves being at chelsea you can tell from watching the behind the scenes, we may accept a fee but his boys are here. I can’t see kova bids being accepted either if I’m honest potter has just captained him and relies on him I can see him defending his corner against boehly.

  3. Loftus Cheek is great utility, always puts in a shift when on the field, hope to see him stay. Chilwell going anywhere would be disastrous.
    Mount just unfortunately seems to make others around him worst, I am not sure but watching him , he plays more selfishly rather than for the team. Keep Havertz and Kovacic. Ziyech, Mount, Aubameyang, Kante, Azpi, Mendy, Koulibaly going would not be the end of the world. Pulisic probably just need a run of games to find some form.

  4. In the summer window Chelsea should buy :

    Ivan toney

    Declan rice or Frenkie dejonk

    Sell :








    Keep :

    Kante , kovacitch , chilwell , kepa , Colwill

    I think than Chelsea can't sign Joan Felix because AthletiCo Madrid want 100M at least and cause FFP rules , the only solution for Chelsea to sign Felix is to include players in the deal .

  5. just had misfortune to watch Barca and Ath Madrid this weekend , crap soccer ,crap var ,crap refs . Thank god for EPL. No wonder J felix wants to come to Chelsea.
    Also watched clip of T Silva watching Dortmund game .He is never leaving Chelsea . One
    of the greatest ever , Chelsea are so lucky to have him.

  6. If you look at the players they are saying
    Most of them are going into the last year of their contract
    So if they won’t sign for longer
    You got no choice but to sell them
    Otherwise they leave for nothing
    So it’s not about wanting to sell them

  7. players like connor and mason are so tactically flexible, reuben as well! potter would be silly to get rid of them, especially if he is wanting to float from a back 5 to a back 4 throughout the game. there is a reason we were top of the table last season until reece, ben and kova got injured.

  8. Mount is replaceable though. H'es a work horse more than anything else. Btwn Enzo Santos and Felix – why do we need him, if he doesn't want to play for Chelsea? Don't get me wrong I'd love for him to stay. My last Chelsea jersey purchase has Mount on it, but no player is bigger than the club. We don't need that vibe in the dressing room with what we have going on in the future.

  9. I do like Ziyech but he's not been good enough, needs a specific style of play but we are never going to build a team around him.
    Pulisic can leave, not bad blood but wouldn't think twice about it, often disappointing.
    How is Chilwell on any list, he's easily one of the best wingbacks in the world.
    Loved Gallagher last season, rough start to this season, but he's looked very good recently.
    Kovacic is one of my favourite mids in the game, dream dribbler.

  10. For me, losing out on Mason would be ludicrous and cast further doubts on this recruitment team. Do they view Felix as the Mason replacement along with Nkunku? What Mason has shown at his age is honestly top level. Fantastic in the press (our pressing when he is out of the team is dreadful along with Felix being deadweight defensively), has shown good creativity and goal scoring, and he can play across a multitude of positions. Also, it's honestly been bizarre how this is the least he has featured under our manager. Ever since Felix has brought in Mount has been thrown to the side. It honestly seems like the ownership is forcing an ultimatum on him (granted he's been suspended and injured but he's only started 2 games since Feb with one of them being the rotated Southampton team).

    He's having a down season for sure. However, Hazard, Costa, Fabregas all had down seasons too but they bounced back. Players in their primes will sometimes have bad seasons but they will regress back to the mean. When analyzing a player you look at the performance overall and not just a relatively small sample of games.

    For the other players mentioned I say, keep Chilly, Kova, and Ruben. Sell Kai and Connor. I think Connor is fine player but lacks the technical quality to be a real midfielder. The parameters in which he can succeed are just not what you see at top teams I believe. He's best higher up the pitch for his high energy, ability to pick up good areas to take shots. Outside of that on the ball he's not what you look for in a top midfielder. Look at his numbers from Palace and compare it to any other midfielder on our team and you would think he plays a different position. For Kai, I just think he needs the attack to be built around him for him to be good. However, how good can an attack built around Kai be? My opinion is not elite. And for him to be best used you have to sacrifice the games of Mudryk, Sterling, Madueke, and honestly any other wide wingers. Kai needs players around him so he can link up with them but the profiles of players we've bought are wide wingers who are direct and take on their man or run into space. I don't think Kai is worth it.

  11. Selling Mount, Gallagher, RLC, Sterling, ziyech, pulisic, & lukaku would be prudent business. None of them are players we will regret selling. We need to do so to sign Felix permanently and balance the books.

  12. Time to move Kante on. He’s never fit. What good is he for 12 games a season?

    Mount needs to go, ego has surpassed his talent.

    Pulisic can go. Never lived up to the hype.

    Aspi time to go and chill elsewhere in his latter days.

    Abu needs to go. Not using him so bye.

    Ziyech does not play for the badge and he’s actually terrible apart from the same old cut back and Inswing cross. He can go.

  13. RLC can go, this is the best time to sell him, he’s had some game time and the price will be as good as it gets. Let’s face it he’s not really good enough to play in this new Chelsea squad. He’s not an “intelligent “ player.

  14. I don't think Mounts dad is his best option at this point in his career. The only exception is probably UFC's Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. It is harder for family to see clearly.

  15. IMO, Chilwell should stay, Mason Mount,RLC,Pulisic,Ziyech,Ethan ampadu ,baba Rahman,Azpi and kovacic should go, first, kovacic is not getting younger and notice his game play has dropped ,he keeps losing the ball anytime he tries to move forward with the ball, Mason Mount should go,I know it's hard to let him go ,but we have to ,due to the new wage structure, it's either a new wage structure is brought in to benefit mason or mason Mount has to compromise and take a decent amount or we lose him to another club ready to pay him a better wage than what Chelsea is offering,

  16. For me. If Mount wants to go, he can go. This should not be a big issue. When Reece was negotiating, he was relaxing. Later a new wage structure was decided and it is big problem now. I love Mount but if he wants to leave, then fine.

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