Roberto De Zerbi ha comenzado a funcionar en la Premier League y, a pesar de perder a jugadores clave y a su entrenador en la temporada, se puede decir que Brighton está en una mejor posición que antes. El reclutamiento de los Seagulls y la calidad de sus jugadores les ha permitido mantener su forma impresionante, pero las tácticas de De Zerbi son el factor principal y su sistema podría redefinir el meta actual en el fútbol de la Premier League. En este video, Statman Dave echa un vistazo al Brighton de Roberto De Zerbi y explica cómo el italiano está evolucionando en el Football Meta. ► SUSCRÍBETE a STATMAN DAVE: ► CLIPS DE STATMAN DAVE: ¡Descarga la aplicación SofaScore para obtener más información sobre los jugadores de tu club! Redes sociales: 🐦Twitter: 📸Instagram: 🖥Vea más en ► Música de atribución del artista Por: «After The Fall» Nombre de la pista: «Piezas (versión extendida)» • ATF LinkTree – • DESCARGAR @ Licencia: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International ( CC BY-SA 4.0) – Licencia completa aquí: • Música publicada por: Chill Out Records @ & • (C) Aviso de derechos de autor: Esto es GRATUITO (música libre de regalías) que ha sido publicado públicamente por Chill Out Records – Música sin derechos de autor ( Chill Out Records LLC) para que lo usen los creadores de contenido dentro de sus propios videos de YouTube y TikTok Licencia: Creative Commons Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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35 comentarios en «¿Qué es el meta del fútbol? | Tácticas explicadas»
  1. Artificial transitions, attacking with blistering verticality 😋. De Zerbi is the future no doubt and what he's done with Brighton is phenomenal, but this style of play is not new. I feel the credit should be shared because this is exactly how Ten Hag set up at Ajax and had so much success with them, so I'm rather unsure why it's called De Zerbi ball when I feel Ten hag did it first 😬. He had an amazing ball carrier in de Jong who could exploit the spaces between the lines and progress play quickly in the final 3rd after a slow build up inviting the opposition press

  2. We will soon start seeing teams implementing a zonal 4-4-2 high-intensity midblock to combat the style. RDZ showed against Leeds they had to change to the 3-2/2-3 system to bypass leads press.

    The danger men in this system are the 2 interiors (CF and 8) in the build-up, they are responsible for overloading the 1st and 2nd phase presses.

    Against Leeds, the CBs were allowed to have the ball, the press was triggered by a pass to either of the two DMs and strict man making on the 2 8s, followed by a collapsible press on the 2 fbs forcing the ball back to the CBs.

    Once RDZ recognized this, Mac Allister was pushed forward and the two FBs occasionally inverts.

    Their new superpower will be understanding situations and pressing triggers and morphing quickly from the 4-2-4 build-up to a 3-2/2-3 build-up.

  3. I've been saying this guys the next big coach in football for the last few months after taking time to learn his principles of play after seeing what he's achieved. I'm a total believer in what he does. I wanna see him go to a team with a huge budget that'll give him time so he can build the team he actually wants for this style. I'm convinced he'd win everything. This is coming from an Arsenal fan who thought Trossard was an idiot for questioning this guy when the rumors came out before we eventually signed him. Thank god levy's too stupid to ever appoint a great coach like this so that club wont be spurs! hahahahaaaa.

  4. Remember the early days of Potterball, there were some scary moments, but Brighton stuck with it and now it’s second nature to the players as they’ve been doing it for years now. The benefits have really showed with De Zerbi as the players have learnt the skills to express his style of football. Credit has to go to Tony Bloom we’re so fortunate to have a great chairman who’s also our biggest fan. UTA.

  5. This is very impressive. However, would it work versus low blocks. All top 6 sides in the EPL have the players to implement that style. But the main issue is that they keep facing low blocks. Therefore, there isn't much space in behind for the wingers. This would kill in the Bundesliga though. With all their high line and pressing tactics.

  6. Another excellent video. I enjoy other channels that analyse football tactics fifo, football made simple but I've got to say the analysis in these vids is the strongest and clearest illustration.

    This system would thrive with the correct personnel eg Osimhen up front means his lightning pace and reflexes are matched perfectly to terrorize defenders who can't cope when he's given a long ball and it's 1 v 1 or 2-v-1 etc ie he has space and less players around him, he'll come out on top more and have more chances in this context.

    I think that's half the story: Systems work but also in context to player profiles and what the clubs' goals are eg Brighton can afford to lure bigger clubs forwards and hit them on the counter. Top clubs have to dominate stats for chances which then leaves an Achillies' Heel to any system that can exploit that.

    I think one of the positions that will come to be most influential in football is the DM holding midfield. It's already had some stand out successes with Makalele, Kante and Busquets or before their time Muller iirc in variations of the role. It will be interesting to see a player who can disrupt + hold-up in building from the back + distribute and possesses the physique as well as above skills to do these things.

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