Ohio State Football ha entrado en la práctica de primavera cuando Ryan Day y los Buckeyes se preparan para la temporada 2023 de College Football, y en Late Kick Live Ep 372 Josh Pate continuó la serie Mood Tracker con un vistazo a la temperatura de los fanáticos de Ohio State. Con el equipo de Ryan Day saliendo de derrotas consecutivas ante Michigan, ¿veremos a los Buckeyes cambiar las tornas a su favor en el Big Ten? ¿Qué hacemos con la presión competitiva sobre Ryan Day y la circunstancia única de que incluso los muy buenos no son lo suficientemente buenos en Columbus? ¡Háganos saber lo que piensa en los comentarios a continuación y asegúrese de SUSCRIBIRSE al canal y HAGA CLIC EN LA CAMPANITA para recibir notificaciones mientras le traemos múltiples programas en vivo por semana! #OhioState #LateKick #JoshPate SUSCRÍBETE al Late Kick Podcast: Twitter: Instagram:

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29 comentarios en «Estado de ánimo de Ohio State Football Mood Tracker – Actualización de primavera (Late Kick Cut)»
  1. Until they realize steel
    sharpens steel I dont see them making any progress. All they need to do is strengthen the “middle of the pack” in the Big 10.
    You can maybe argue that they did that with USC and UCLA but honestly its at best a wash.
    They should have gone after Clemson and Miami but they’re high on history and losing ground quick in the “super conference” race.

  2. It always sucks losing to TTUN. That being said it is the ebb and flow of football. I lived through the 90’s. Ohio State’s dominance in the rivalry over the last 20 years has made the game less meaningful to the rest of the country. Although I hate it….it is good that TTUN is finally able to win again.

  3. I know, I know but I am telling you if we would of beat Georgia and they beat TCU we would of thumped them in the Natti last year! I think Ryan Day will wind up being one of our best coaches ever if he stays. When the TV came on at the Big House 2 years ago I knew we were going to lose, and the Buckeyes put too much pressure on themselves last year to win. So I think they would be better served not putting so much emphasis on THE GAME throughout the year and just go up there and play! OH

  4. This was spot on. Losing to TTuN 2 years inna row, football life sucks, that's it, there's nothing else to it.
    I'd also agree it's hard to imagine Ryan Day on a hot seat if he goes 11-1 but loses to them for a third time….but also….it makes sense for a Buckeye.

  5. Michigan opted out of the 2020 game and that was the ultimate reset to their morale. It was the college football equivalent of when a batter steps off the plate and kills a pitcher’s momentum.

  6. I'd say, if Ryan Dy keeps losing to Michigan, and or, in addition to that, they don't win another natty here in the next few years, I feel there should be a consideration of Ryan Day's job (not necessarily saying he should be fired, but just saying he should've been able to do either one of the two in his career there).

  7. Here’s the mood in Columbus: FAILURE. They failed for 20 years playing in the weak little 10 to win more than 1 title. 2014 is all they have to show for playing in the little 10 with elite coaching and recruiting for 20+ years. Now Day (a total soft loser) takes over and now Michigan and PSU are contenders. They’re not. Buckeyes fell off and failed over the last 20+ seasons nationally.

    That’s the real mood.

  8. Michigan obviously has the bragging rights based off of the last 2 games.. but it's still so adorable watching alot of Michigan fans be able to literally talk shit for the first time in the history of their fandom.. it's still so new and surreal for them that it always comes off as cringe..

  9. OSU fans for starters know that they need to beat Michigan this next season. I’d go so far to say that takes priority over even making the playoffs or winning the Big10 because that’s how much that rivalry game means to them.

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