Mike Florio y Peter King echan un vistazo completo a los movimientos más interesantes de la primera semana de la agencia libre de la NFL, desde mariscales de campo en movimiento hasta detalles de contratos sorprendentes y más. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFLFreeAgency » Suscríbase a NFL en NBC: » Mire Pro Football Talk en vivo en Peacock los días de semana 7a-9a: » Obtenga lo último de Pro Football Talk: NBC Sports Group atiende a los fanáticos de los deportes las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana con eventos en vivo de primer nivel, perspicaces espectáculos de estudio y una atractiva programación original. NBC Sports es un líder establecido en el panorama de los medios deportivos con una colección incomparable de propiedades deportivas que incluyen los Juegos Olímpicos, la NFL, la Premier League, NASCAR, el PGA TOUR, el Derby de Kentucky, el Tour de Francia, el Abierto de Francia, IndyCar y muchos más. ¡Suscríbete a nuestro canal para conocer las últimas noticias y resúmenes deportivos! Mike Florio, creador de Profootballtalk.com, líder en la industria, ofrece su visión de la NFL junto con invitados habituales, incluidos ex atletas de la NFL como Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informa y entretiene con las noticias y análisis más actualizados en torno a las historias de actualidad de la NFL del día. Vea más de la NFL en NBC en YouTube: visite NBC Sports: encuentre NBC Sports en Facebook: siga a NBC Sports en Twitter: siga a NBC Sports en Instagram: resumen de la agencia libre de la NFL: las ofertas más importantes de la semana 1 (análisis COMPLETO) | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC

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48 comentarios en «Resumen de la agencia libre de la NFL: las ofertas más importantes de la semana 1 (análisis COMPLETO) | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC»
  1. No idea, these 2. Brown signed for 2 reasons: 1. To win 2. Start LT. Ain't noone else starting at lt for bengals. Sorry, and another bonus, sticking it to ravens and cheifs each year to show them he can play LT. WHERE DO THESE 2 GET THEIR STATUS?

  2. Lamar does not make any team better. He makes a team temporarily improve, and cripples their future. The Washington commanders are not a Lamar away from a super bowl, and they wouldn't be able to build around the contract he wants. Please stop talking about this.

  3. Russell Wilson had 2 declining years in Seattle before the Denver deal. Denvers signing Russell Wilson to a multi-year expensive contract is yet more proof that NFL GM's are morons. The Greatest QB in NFL history is picked 199 in the draft! Etc, etc…

  4. OK Peter and Mike, let's Tell it like it is. Lamar Jackson representing himself and asking for a fully guaranteed 2023 NFL Franchise QB contract makes him Deshaun Watson 2. Nobody (NFL Owners) talks to his agentless ass. Crickets? Collusion? Duh! Franchise Tag him. Isolate him.

  5. So a GM with no interest in a guaranteed contract has nothing to do weeks out of the draft that he can schedule a visit by who Lamar or his mom or the NFLPA, yeah sounds like a meeting I want to attend. Plus the cost to the team for a player, with an injury history and finished the last two seasons on IR, contract wise and give up 2 first round picks yeah a winning formula.

  6. The problem with guarantee contracts is they will lower the quality of the games. If the hugest paid players are all injured, the team won’t be very good. Fully guaranteed contracts could only be 2 years long in the NFL.

  7. Mike, your analysis is sometimes highly questionable. Adding Lamar doesn’t automatically make your team better and you’re giving up a ton for him, giving up a ton of nonrecoverable cap space for years and taking a lot of risk for a guy who can’t stay healthy and appears to be difficult to deal with.

  8. Yall are amsmarter that this im not a Washington fan , but what they're doing is smart , the defense they got will be really great with a couple more pieces but they will be extremely expensive!! They can't pay him what he wants without dismantling the defense & if they keep most of the defense, they won't have any depth or weapons on offense….this is why the jets don't want him

  9. Regarding the Eagles, 32 yr. old players at the O line. Thirty plus year old players aren't the same as they were10-15 yrs. ago.
    Today's 32 yr. old professional athletes aren't as used up and worn out as they were just a decade ago. But especially when comparing them to players 30years ago.
    Go Chiefs.

  10. Russell Wilson wanted out of Seattle but he was never as bad there as he was last year. He was on the way to the hall of fame before he became a donkey. I tend to think that he will do much better this season. He's too young to be washed. Sean Payton will probably turn that team around. But they aren't winning their division. The best they can hope for is to snag a lower wildcard

  11. I think with the growth of pass rushing interior lineman, the price of tackles has gone down a tad, and center and guard has gone up…

    That’s why Ben Powers got paid and Orlando Brown didn’t get the contract he wanted

  12. Hunt Lost his job because he lied to Big Red, and Brett Veach if he just would have been honest about what happened he’d still be a Chief. He didn’t hold himself accountable in the situation he put himself into at that time.

  13. Peter king is so damn dismissive, to talk about jakoby like he has no ability to improve, matt hasselbeck did it, mark brunell, rich gannon, Alex Smith, geno Smith most recently. I don't like when these people have influence like that

  14. Ok, the previous episode with Peter King he insists he knows nothing about contacts and doesn't pay attention to contracts, I watched it yesterday. This episode now the word contract comes out of his mouth 20 times with so many opinions today on different players contracts. I like his insight and he has knowledge and direct intelligent delivery but he takes so long to get a point across, he is a slow talker, gets lost and backs up to correct himself mid sentence. Drink lots of coffee before airtime Peter. I'm willing to bet after a few drinks in person you are fun to talk to.

  15. No wonder 9ers DC's keep getting HC jobs, when you have so many beasts on the D-Line and 2 of the best middle Linebackers in the NFL, along with a great Saftey, the DC's gonna kinda look pretty good cos all they gotta do is let the players do their thing, it's hard to go wrong! I'm not saying Salah and Ryans ain't good, I'm just sayin'….

  16. Why did the Chiefs not re-sign Orlando Brown instead of paying a new LT I can't even remember the name of, for what sounds like more money than the Bengals have paid Orlando Brown??? Yes, Orlando Brown's a tad overrated, but he's gotta be better than that new guy??? What a load of 🧢

  17. There are more ads in this 41 minute video than Biden has made monstrous and disastrous mistakes in his stolen 2 and a half years. And that's alot. Capitalism will be collapsed, and the giant leftist Florio is, he is sure taking advantage of that sweet sweet ad revenue.
    Just an observation. Have a glorious day and get ready for WW3 bc it's coming thanks to the clone in chief florio cast his vote.

  18. Lamar is too much money tied up in one player and too much of a risk injury wise. Too much of a Cap hit as well. You would have to completely change your entire offense to suit Lamar's playing style. Not worth the hassle.

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