La NFL ordenó a los equipos que no negociaran con Ken Francis con respecto a Lamar Jackson, a pesar de que el mariscal de campo alegó que nunca lo hizo, lo que lleva a Mike Florio y Peter King a analizar por qué todavía no ha habido una oferta. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #LamarJackson » Suscríbase a NFL en NBC: » Mire Pro Football Talk en vivo en Peacock los días de semana 7a-9a: » Obtenga lo último de Pro Football Talk: NBC Sports Group atiende a los fanáticos de los deportes las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana con eventos en vivo de primer nivel, perspicaces espectáculos de estudio y una atractiva programación original. NBC Sports es un líder establecido en el panorama de los medios deportivos con una colección incomparable de propiedades deportivas que incluyen los Juegos Olímpicos, la NFL, la Premier League, NASCAR, el PGA TOUR, el Derby de Kentucky, el Tour de Francia, el Abierto de Francia, IndyCar y muchos más. ¡Suscríbete a nuestro canal para conocer las últimas noticias y resúmenes deportivos! Mike Florio, creador de, líder en la industria, ofrece su visión de la NFL junto con invitados habituales, incluidos ex atletas de la NFL como Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informa y entretiene con las noticias y análisis más actualizados en torno a las historias de actualidad de la NFL del día. Vea más de NFL en NBC en YouTube: Visite NBC Sports: Busque NBC Sports en Facebook: Siga NBC Sports en Twitter: Siga NBC Sports en Instagram: Lamar Jackson muestra ‘desesperación’ con Ken Francis acercándose | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC

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45 comentarios en «Lamar Jackson muestra ‘desesperación’ con Ken Francis extendiéndose | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC»
  1. I have been saying the same thing. Lamar did this to himself. You don't send your homeboy or your mother to negotiate with billionaires. You get an agent. QBs are the face of the organization, and he wants to keep it real and not cut his hair, stay with that South Florida bad accent and not work on his diction and vocabulary, and no agent. I am a Black man, and I would tell Lamar if I was the owner. You are the fact of my organization. At the end of the day, this is business. Get a decent haircut. I have this person who is going to help you get rid of that horrible South Florida accent. You are going to carry yourself as a leader and the fact of this organization. If Lamar was on defense and after the game, no one was putting a microphone in his face, I wouldn't care. These are the realities that the white owners will not say publicly, and the white radio host and TV host can't talk about it. It's shows like this with black ex NFL players who can be honest about Lamars situation. As the QB, you have to look and play the role of the face of a multi-billion dollar organization. Talking ignorant and wearing your hair like you're in prison ain't going to get billionaire owners to take you seriously. That's just the truth. We can call it racist but again, I am sure a Black owner would tell him the same thing. Clean it up. This is my business, and I am not going to let you F up what I have going on. Bottom line Lamar just K his career by keeping it real dumb.

  2. this is a business not an auction _ plus with inflation and high interest rates these athletes are going to have to start accepting reasonable contracts instead of the outliers _ Jackson worth $210M with $100M guaranteed and some good bonus money for Super Bowl and MVP

  3. Well someone must have reported to the NFL "contact" by Ken Francis when they found out he was not a certified agent. Thats a problem and of course anyone that guy contacted doesnt want trouble from the NFL or the players association. Lamar clearly did not realize it was an issue. He is swimming in deep waters and no one can throw him a life preserver. Someone just doesnt go out and start pitching a player to other teams. This brings in to question the validity of anything else Lamar has said about his negotiations with the Ravens.

  4. So nobody wants Lamar Jackson? A unanimous MVP with a ridiculous winning percentage, and everyone is acting like it's not collusion. All the schillers are acting like it's because he doesn't have an agent. I'm done listening to this Florio guy the master Schiller for agents.

  5. Finally, someone points out the "semantics" game about "fully guaranteed" contracts. Everyone keeps talking about "fully guaranteed" which is dumb. Of course he doesn't care if the contract is "fully guaranteed" so long as the money that is in fact fully guaranteed is a big enough number.

  6. Teams are business. One team being desperate and stupid, aka the Browns, doesn’t mean other teams are obligated to follow suit. The “next man up” payment mindset for QBs has destroyed most teams’ ability to truly compete because they overpay for average talent. Lamar has not shown that he can win big games while he’s cheap. There’s NO way he’s winning big games if he’s getting $200M+ fully guaranteed and teams can’t afford help. He’s priced himself out of any real market.

  7. He was sitting to prevent getting handicapped before he got a deal. It wasn't sitting because he's tender. Acting like he wasn't protecting himself is actually disingenuous.

  8. Lamar can’t beat you with his arm & the NFL does not want every mothers in the stands to dictate who is getting paid what.( that’s an agent job. Can’t go around stepping on people toes ) That is what is happening folks.

  9. Mike just a heads up, your articles on profootball talk are hard to read. I have Aspergers too. Being autistic can be tough but oftentimes it shows in your writings. Just a heads up to get an editor with sensitivity to help

  10. Family Lamar Jackson and his TEAM aka himself and mother is playing this exactly how it should be played…1- this reveals just how the NFL think about black players and their pseudo supremacy over them (Joe Burrow will exceed Watson contract)….2- this shows how the establishment wants to control the millions of these undereducated players which lead to money leaving the players and going to these mostly WHITE agents ( and business partners hint hint)…3- Lamar and Co. Has probably around $50 million total assets which allows him to sit out this season work in the community and build a portfolio that secures him for the rest of his life they don't need the NFL… and many other players will be knocking on Ms Jackson's door for her to represent them just wait…

  11. Excellent discussion. Perhaps the only thoughtful breakdown of the Lamar situation. I would add a couple of points. Lamar is not the sharpest pencil in the pack (check his Wonderlic score and his graduating GPA from Louisville). He may not have thought about how to go about this contract business; for the past two years , he has put off any meaningful negotiations with the Ravens. Most of his life, he has been celebrated for how good he is: awards in high school, mvps in bowl games Heisman trophy, etc. However, recall he was not selected at the top of the first round; he was plucked by the Ravens at the end of the first and had they not done that, he probably would have been a second rounder. I believe he has an overinflated view of his capabilities. True, he is a very good quarterback. Great? No. Most analysts far better judges of football talent than I rank him in the 6-9 range. He seems very sensitive to perceived slights about his relative value.

  12. It's hilarious to me that these guys are sooooo concerned about LJ 🤣🤣 PPL WILL SELL THEIR SOULS FOR VIEWS LIKES & MENTIONS. You're pathetic and sad to give this much negative energy to manufacturing "news" about one athlete when there're 100s to report on just to stay relevant

  13. As a Ravens and Lamar fan, it pains me to say this. The way he is handling this looks bad. He has lost a lot of money given the way he has handled this. Do the Ravens look to draft a qb in the draft if he isn’t signed by the draft?

  14. He's proving to every NFL owner how big of a pain he is to deal with.
    He's branded for life and I think it's freaking hilarious 🤣.
    All these QBs want to make elite money and can't even make the playoffs.
    He's not an elite QB.
    He's won one MVP and lately can't even complete a season.

  15. Lamar can simply get an agent and raise his asking price by 1 to 3% thus get what he wants contract wise and enough to pay an agent. Lamar is destroying his brand by acting like this. Unlike the Cleveland Clowns, the Ravens aren't going to bid against themselves and shot themselves in the foot.

  16. Dude bet on himself going into 2022 and lost. He proved he was fragile. Now for the off season he decided to double down, and he is losing again.

    He's not worth it. No teams needs a 2/3 season QB who can't win the playoffs.

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