En Football Daily estamos viendo 10 transferencias en las que creemos que el jugador optó por unirse al equipo equivocado. Vemos por qué Dango Ouattara es demasiado bueno para el descenso en Bournemouth, exploramos las luchas de Richarlison en los Spurs junto con la alienación de Ryan Gravenberch en el Bayern de Múnich. Los mediocampistas están luchando en sus nuevos clubes en toda Europa, incluidos Lucas Paquetá en West Ham, Matheus Nunes en Wolves, Kalvin Phillips en Manchester City y Franck Kessié en Barcelona. Pero los delanteros tampoco están impresionando. Analizamos por qué Hugo Ekitiké se equivocó al unirse al PSG y cubrir la miseria de Charles de Ketelaere en el AC Milan, antes de hacer felices a todos los fanáticos del Arsenal al analizar la decisión de Dušan Vlahović de rechazar a los Gunners para la Juventus.. ——– ————————————————– ————————————————– ———– 🟢: Suscríbete a Football Daily: 🔵: Echa un vistazo a Euro Football Daily: 🐦: Tuiteanos: 📸: Síguenos en Instagram: 📱: Síguenos en TikTok: 🎙️: Escucha el Podcast de tiempo extra: 🗣️: Únete a Discord (dirigido por los fans, para los fans): 💛: Síguenos en Snap: ——————— ————————————————– ———————————————— ⬇️ Nuestro Panelistas ⬇️ Joe: Chris: Pat: Zac: Dougs: McCubbs: Sam: Henry: ——————————– ————————————————– ————————————- Esto es Football Daily: para los aficionados que conocen el balón de la Premier League. En este canal encontrará nuestros paneles semanales, cuestionarios de fútbol, ​​desgloses tácticos, avances/reseñas de grandes partidos, consejos de fútbol de fantasía, top 10 y mucho, mucho más. Su ventanilla única para ser el fanático más informado —————————————————— ————————————————– ——————————- #premierleague #footballdaily #footballanalysis

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47 comentarios en «¡10 jugadores que se unieron al CLUB EQUIVOCADO!»
  1. Richarlison is simply someone who went to a team that had only one full and well-stocked department, the attack. The Spurs in attack had two irreplaceables in Kane and Son, then a supporting cast with: Kulu, Perisic and Lucas Moura; someone had to go to the bench. — As for Vlahovic, he also deserved the difficulties, first because he wanted to go on purpose to the team most hated by his former fans and second, more importantly, because he wanted to go to a team headed by Allegri, that is, a defensive player who has put all the attackers entrusted to him in great difficulty (except Ibrahimovic)

  2. it confuses me why youngsters rush to join top top clubs regardless of if they’ll play or not, ekitike and richarlison both joining teams that have a front 3 that’s very hard to get into, they’ll waste a big part of their career sitting on the bench

  3. imagine where richarlison would be by next summer if he stayed at everton, his world cup performance made him look world class and that alone could’ve got him a move to a top team like atlético inter bayern etc. instead he’ll be a backup for kane for a couple years or he’ll be starting in a spurs team getting 5th/6th every year

  4. i’ll never understand all the players signing for juve the last few years, it’s like they think signing one expensive player fixes the problem and they ignore positions they actually need players in, whenever i see a relatively young player sign for them i feel sorry for them

  5. I’m a Gooner. But, how is Vlahovic’s case a wrong move? He’s moved to the club he loved, he’s stayed in the country he enjoyed to live in. Maybe playtime and club’s results cannot comfort him as a footballer, but the life in his childhood’s club has comforted him as a normal person. I don’t even know if he moved to Arsenal, could he be happy in London? Could he still play well like he did in Fiorentina? Could he get along with Xhaka, when Vla has a strong Serbian patriotism and Xhaka always represents the Albanian heart?

  6. Kessie is actually playing really well at Barça right now. He is one of the fittesst midfielders in the team. He changed a lot post – world cup, and is scoring and creating a lot of chances.

  7. I'm not a Juventus supporter but this obsession with Vlahovic from you is unhelaty, he had a injury riddled season. Last season he scored what he was supposed to.

    Ad as Milan fan i still have hope with CDK but agree, Kessie did a very dumb thing leaving and Paqueta only went beck to his proper self being mediocre

  8. How is gravenberch to Bayern wrong? Just because he hasn’t been given game time ahead of some of the world best midfielders? He is 8 years younger than goretzka and kimmich he still needs time that doesn’t mean he joined the wrong club. He doesn’t even have enough game time like the others on this list to be judged. It doesn’t make sense

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