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En encontrarás las camisetas de los equipos de fútbol más importantes del mundo y de las selecciones nacionales más fuertes. Las elásticas de partido y entrenamiento de clubes como el Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, PSG o países como la selección española, alemana o inglesa las encontrarás En Camisetas de fútbol baratas porque tenemos las mejores ofertas y descuentos para ti.

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39 comentarios en «Probé todos los productos de fútbol PROHIBIDOS»
  1. i really don't get why they banned thermal pants. one of my knees is sensitive to cold, if exposed to cold air for too long it starts hurting, i couldn't imagine playing in cold weather without thermal pants underneath shorts

  2. Kangoroo leather is inhumane, but other leathr is fine? sound like a well thought out logic.

    Also one "skill" that is banned in Germany is to sit onto the ball to touch it with your butt, so the keeper can then pick it up – that one earned a players a red card for "disrespecting the game" just after the rule of not picking up backpasses was introduced.

  3. Kieran, I git the Man Utd green shirt because i thought it would be a good colour to wear so my parents bought it from $100 from JD and i really likes the shirt so much that i start to wear in public. Mines is in a kids size and i guess i got a banned man utd kit???

  4. Kangaroo leather is used for the MotoGP suits. And they used them in the Laguna Seca gp. Where is the Laguna Seca circuit? In California, where they banned the kangaroo leather boots, but with the motorcycles they didn't say a thing

  5. I totally understand the metal boots. Playing baseball growing up, we used metal spikes after a certain age. If you got stepped on, WOW they hurt like hell. But, the ground grip interaction was insane, and they technically were legal, so we all dealt with the random spikes to the top of the foot

  6. 8:55 “It was banned in California by the federal government.” As an American I feel like helping you out here, to tell you that that’s the equivalent of saying “It was banned in Germany by the EU government.”
    In the United States, the term “federal government” refers to the governing body of the larger United States, which would be unable to pass a law that would only be in effect in a single state. Anything specific to California would be passed by the California state government. (It’s kinda like how the UK has 4 countries in it, except the US has 50.)

    I know this may sound nit picky, but I just wanted to inform you about the terminology here. Not trying to criticize you, just telling you about American government 😀

    Great vid mate, really enjoyed it!

  7. Kangaroos are in plague proportions in many areas here in Australia. California's decision and Nike and puma to stop k leather is unwise "wildlife experts who say licensed culling is necessary to maintain sustainable numbers and to prevent the animals’ own suffering when they compete with livestock – and each other – for scarce food and water.

    “The subtleties of this, I think, are probably lost from a distance,” said Jim Radford, a landscape ecologist and conservation biologist from the Research Centre for Future Landscapes at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

    “If there isn’t an industry for kangaroo leather and kangaroo meat, kangaroos are still going to be shot, I promise you. Landholders are still going to shoot kangaroos and it’s going to be a worse animal welfare outcome than if it was done in a regulated, controlled manner.” thanks California et al, you've made it worse for our national icon.

  8. Concerning the black boots only rule, I kind of see a logic there. You're there to train and develop your skills. You should be focused on that and not your kit. I'd have a caveat that I would take the boots if I was planning on bringing them up to the main squad and use them as a "promotion trophy" to say, "You've earned the right to wear these."

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