Notre Dame Football es uno de los programas más interesantes en College Football y en Late Kick Live Ep 375 Josh Pate los rodeó como un equipo destacado para ver cómo se acerca la temporada 2023. Marcus Freeman y su personal han reclutado muy bien en los últimos 2 ciclos después de heredar una situación única con Brian Kelly moviéndose a LSU. ¿Qué debemos esperar de Fighting Irish esta temporada? ¿Los veremos seguir el sorpresivo rebote de 2022 después de un comienzo de 0-2 con una posible carrera de Playoffs de fútbol americano universitario? ¡Háganos saber lo que piensa en los comentarios a continuación y asegúrese de SUSCRIBIRSE al canal y HAGA CLIC EN LA CAMPANITA para recibir notificaciones mientras le traemos múltiples programas en vivo por semana! #NotreDame #LateKick #JoshPate SUSCRÍBETE al Podcast de Late Kick: Twitter: Instagram:

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44 comentarios en «Josh Pate sobre las expectativas de Notre Dame y Marcus Freeman en 2023 (Late Kick Cut)»
  1. As a ND fan I definitely think the Irish can make a run this year but my worry is surprisingly the defense–specifically the front 7. If some guys can emerge there & Al Golden gets it put together this season then look out for ND ☘️🙌☘️

  2. Josh, as a die hard Notre Dame fan, I swear dude, I'm tryin like crazy to listen/watch your shows more, man! Not just ND, I'm psychotic when it comes to college football! Complete psychopath junkie! 🤣 Looks like you're the same! Which in my book means you should run for president! 🤣 Absolutley love the show my man!!! Keep up the good work! Already subscribed, liked, all that!

  3. And what teams don't have some cream puffs on the schedule? EVERYONE DOES, PERIOD! ND weak schedule myth is garbage and always have been. They almost always have one of the toughest schedules out there, and I researched this topic. Not just blowing smoke.

  4. The way he described Brian Kelly and what he was to ND is the way Oregon fans have tried to explain Mario Christobal to the rest of the nation.

    He didn’t embody the aura of UO football, but the rest of the country said “but the results how could you be upset”

  5. Reese's dumbass is gone now which is fantastic plus. May have been the worst oc in college football. Saban is starting to lose it. I hope Saban enjoys seeing his QBs not develop, not throw more than 20 yards, runs up the middle on 2nd and long, no young players will ever play. If Rees is there for 3 years I'd be shocked.

  6. Josh finally said it. Brian Kelly and Notre Dame was an unhappy marriage. I was really surprised how Notre Dame media reacted to it like they were betrayed. They should've been like the fans who were celebrating.

  7. I expect us to go 9-3 at best with losses to USC , Ohio St. and NC State in the very least. 💯 I think Sam Hartman is overrated as well , any quarterback can shine in the dismal ACC , he won't look so good once he has to play against some real competition. 💯 We're always overrated , it's so depressing. 🤦‍♂ GO IRISH !!!!!! 💯🍀🍀🍀

  8. Plus you never even mention the Peter Green Mac . If you want light rock that rocks pick some journey or something better than Fleetwood Mac .
    You just make real men cringe with that kind of analogy crap .

  9. Hey less of the Fleetwood Mac analysis .any man knows there a middle of the road light hearted stagnant band who carries about as much Wright as what the women on the view think .
    You ever heard of zeppelin or the who from that time does your wife control the the destiny of what Lind of music you listen to .
    So you go along with it to watch football when you want to . Your balls must be in her purse . Fleetwood Mac, sad for a grown man to say that out loud .you must be wearing panties .

  10. ND is bogus till they beat a quality team in a big post season game (bcs cg, bcs bowl game, play-off game). They have not done that in 30 years or so. I wish the Giper, 4 horseman, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy bs would go away. The pope should lose his vote and the polls, too. Maybe, then, ND would be judged like every other team.

  11. I am a die hard ND fan and yes Freeman is bringing in better talent but a ceiling remains over the Irish program because what Freeman is doing is really good but really good doesn't win championships. Much more is needed talent wise.

  12. Does Notre Dame still have that stipulation where they have to go undefeated to even be considered for the CFP?

    I think the reason Notre Dame still won't commit to the Big 10 and was even considering joining the ACC is because they would have to face Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State every year. The athletic department couldn't count on one of those schools having a down year.

  13. On a recruiting note – while the overall class ranking wasn’t as high as a lot of ND fans wanted it to be – since Freeman has been at ND as DC & HC, the blue chip ratio has shot to over 80% (which is usually where alabama, UGA, OSU are)

    Before then it was around 50/60% for most of Kelly’s tenure with a couple exceptions

  14. I’m so tired of Notre Dame. They are always given the 4th seed in the CFP when it’s a tie between them and another deserving team, only to get completely blown out by whoever they play in the first round.

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