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47 comentarios en «Entrenador de fútbol de Georgia se vuelve racista; Charlas sobre la caza y el ahorcamiento de negros en Atlanta +Más»
  1. Ion see shit funny about shit he says.. y'all going to get enough of thinking that this type of shit is laughable.. this is the mf black parents are trusting with their children. Thought black men wasn't shit.. next time s black women say a black man ain't shit.. well guess this mf got all the torcher and death waiting on you black bitches that protect this coward bitch.. tired of our own people accepting this bullshit but we get treated with threats of death whien we say how we feel about White people.. but all we can do is laugh at White people when they show us time after time.. when will we stop marching and start sparking fire 🔥🔥🔥 on dat ass..

  2. He's changed his clientele and business plan to training only white supremacists who are running from crime scenes. His specialty is teaching klans members not to trip on their clown 🤡 robes when fleeing.

  3. Sounds like he needs to down a box of EXLAX with a CITRATE chaser , in other words, he's full of 🦄💨💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. I’m not surprised to hear about anything like this, but what does amaze is why do people who think just like him be still living in those same areas and don’t want to live somewhere else with people who look just like them…

  5. You make laws that discriminate against whites and cry racism. You can be as racist as you want to white people and cry racism.
    I don't care what blacks or you leftards call racist. You're some of the most racist people in this country. Go cry about that too.

  6. Y'all laughing but, he made threats, he said told dude that him and his friends need to go hunting Atlanta full of blacks. That boy in Buffalo went hunting in that grocery store full of blacks. Need to call for his arrest. F playing with him.

  7. So
    Black people say waaay worse in front of white people. White boy, can’t say black boy. Whoop his white ass, can’t say whoop his black ass. The white man is holding me back, can’t say the black man is holding me back…okay, bad example, but this is a double stand.
    I really don’t care. If he’s talking directly to me…we would have a talk about that, but this…SO!

  8. Blacks make up more then half of all homicides/murders in America. That’s only 2% of the population (black males 18-30yrs) committing half of all crimes. Hahaha you’re all so innocent, go back to Africa where people eat humans with no laws lol

  9. it's getting to the point that a lot of these people who work around black people and the police need to be given a lie detector test with a set of questions. put on top of that I would ask you along their lines how they feel if black people were able to lynch White people with IMPUINITY just like they did to us. that's honestly what white folks mean when they say they want to take it back to the good old days.

  10. I believe this is why a lot of black player's are wanting to leave place's like Georgia and Alabama and go play for coach Prime Deion Sanders, they play for these white schools and coaches because the system keeps the HBCU's handicapped financially and by not drafting HBCU player's into the NFL

  11. Calling them "cracker', actually gives them a deference they don't deserve, as it is short for "whipcracker." Been saying we need a slur that is a ugly, and spiteful, for them, as "n****r" is. It's been right there in our faces the whole time people. It's "N****R." I say, we should start calling them this, as it is a word that describes a person's behavior, and state of being more than anything else. And if you really want to dig it in, you can call them "albino n****rs", as all caucasians are actually just the descendants of Albinos who fled Africa, and moved to the Caucus Mountain range,

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