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38 comentarios en «Parque Para Prem FM23 | Episodio 106 – ¿ESTOY PERDIENDO LA TRAMA? | Mánager de fútbol 2023»
  1. 6m into the video so the things I talk about may or may not happen (talking about Gaspar and Diallo).

    1) Hopefully we both know stars aren't everything. Gaspar has consistently been scoring 10+ goals for us, and whilst I understand and can see your thought process of selling him, I don't understand how you would want to sell him first before Diallo

    2) You made a promise to Diallo to not sell him. I've had that happen to me before but Man City was interested. I then offered him out to Man City and he went from being angry at being offered out and breaking a promise to wanting to leave because Man City was interested, so I sold him for 35m (when he wasn't worth that) to Man City and everyone was happy.

    So I guess what I'm saying is hope that a big team is really interested in Diallo and then offer him out to them. What's the worst that will happen if you break the promise? He'll leave?

    EDIT: Finished the video. You moved on from trying to sell him so my comment is somewhat redundant now. Great transfer business though!!

  2. I know you like your striker’s but I think you might be missing a superstar sub, or just someone that is likely to get you some goals when it counts. Bignaught, Lemos, and Gaspar are all good players but sometimes fail to make impacts. We will see how your new guy really does! Keep up the great videos!

  3. Is JV not a potential replacement for Lemos if he does end up going Jack? he seemed to be really good in behind the forwards previously. It would be cool to do a one off episode at some point where you just go through the where are they now for all the players who've left the club since you took over, just for the feels! Also didn't you promise the new centerbacks you'd sign some pals for them?

  4. since you dont know which players to spend then i think you should buy a few cheap wonderkids and then loan them out before selling them for big bucks a year or two later

  5. Regarding Lemos, 2 years is still a lot and he will get over his issues and eventually sign a new contract. Even if he doesn't, he is still worth that much money with 1 year left on the contract so you can still sell him after this season if necessary.

    10:15 goalkeepers rarely get really good ratings and only conceding a bit above 1 goal per match is not bad at all in my opinion.

    15:58 that calculation does not compute 😅

  6. Hi jack! I would love to see a park to primeira with Leiria, a football club from Portugal, and my hometown, used to be a big club, with a huge stadium but now they are in 3rd league in Portugal, would love to see you win a champions league with them!

  7. Rojas had the worst rating, he has terrible crossing and passing. I think you should sell him and buy a normal right back. If you want to find a proper right back, search at competent right backs and not wing backs and if you don't find anyone, just unclick the button in players that are intrested in you. Even if the agent tells you that the player isn't intrested there is a big chance that he's indeed intrested. I have bought plenty of players that way

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