Los mariscales de campo llegaron en una ráfaga entre las 10 mejores selecciones del Draft de la NFL de 2023, pero luego llegaron algunas sorpresas. Mike Florio resume las primeras diez selecciones. #nbcsports #profootballtalk #nfldraft » Suscríbase a NFL en NBC: » Mire Pro Football Talk en vivo en Peacock los días de semana 7a-9a: » Obtenga lo último de Pro Football Talk: NBC Sports Group atiende a los fanáticos de los deportes las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana con eventos en vivo de primer nivel, perspicaces espectáculos de estudio y una atractiva programación original. NBC Sports es un líder establecido en el panorama de los medios deportivos con una colección incomparable de propiedades deportivas que incluyen los Juegos Olímpicos, la NFL, la Premier League, NASCAR, el PGA TOUR, el Derby de Kentucky, el Tour de Francia, el Abierto de Francia, IndyCar y muchos más. ¡Suscríbete a nuestro canal para conocer las últimas noticias y resúmenes deportivos! Mike Florio, creador de Profootballtalk.com, líder en la industria, ofrece su visión de la NFL junto con invitados habituales, incluidos ex atletas de la NFL como Chris Simms. Pro Football Talk informa y entretiene con las noticias y análisis más actualizados en torno a las historias de actualidad de la NFL del día. Vea más de NFL en NBC en YouTube: Visite NBC Sports: Busque NBC Sports en Facebook: Siga NBC Sports en Twitter: Siga NBC Sports en Instagram: NFL Draft 2023: ANÁLISIS COMPLETO de selecciones 1-10 | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC

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36 comentarios en «NFL Draft 2023: ANÁLISIS COMPLETO de selecciones 1-10 | Charla de fútbol profesional | NFL en NBC»
  1. Chicago isn’t winning anything. Also your not splitting Bijan out as a receiver consistently that is the other Rb Gibbs. Bijan is a between the tackle runner. Do your homework

  2. Mike you sound pretty racist talking about height, weight and hand size like that. What next you’re going to talk about CJ Stroud’s S2? Was Simms at the J6 dust up? Wouldn’t be surprised given the way you two talk about these players like they’re property

  3. I think the Texans were putting the news out on Levis and Stroud. They wanted Bryce and was pushing him to fall. Levis was never a first round and Stroud is not a top 5 pick. Poor Houston, they should have went with Levis, for he has much more upside in the right direction.

  4. As a Chicago native, I just can't shake the fact that the Bears already had traded down to almost outside of the top 10, and still had an opportunity to NAB as Florio even described as possibly the best overall player available, to take the extra fourth-rounder from Philly a year from now, on one hand seems like a sign that Chicago was already out on Carter, but also recognizing that Carter falling to them at 9 was also an opportunity to snag an ELITE level prospect at damn near the end of the top 10, I understand why the Bears wanted a more stable and secure pick to help Justin fields with a top 10 pick, but I feel like this whole thing was and expose on why teams like Philly are able to pull the trigger on top-level Talent who may have question marks, while continuously teams like Chicago feel the need to take "safe" picks because they know that their room/ coaching staff organizationally aren't able to mold The Talented, yet trouble Talented yet troubled players are present anf up for grabs in every NFL draft, I think organizationally teams / rosters need to be built on the premise that from a coaching and managerial perspective, we can take the most talented guy, even if he has character concerns and turn him into the most productive version of himself. If you can't do that as an organization, as a regime whose been in control/power of an NFL team more than 3 to 5 years , I find it hard to believe that you're going to be able to maximize the talent that afforded to you, via the the draft a salary-cap, you're not going to be successful in the long term in the NFL.

  5. All these black qb bust coming in! The anti whites have destroyed the NFL with their black qb agenda that's been going on for 30 + yrs…NFL easy becoming the NBA a no watch!

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