Después de que Romelu Lukaku recibiera una segunda tarjeta amarilla en el partido del Inter contra la Juventus el pasado fin de semana, en reacción al virulento racismo de la afición de las Old Ladies, celebró de la misma manera tras marcar ante el Benfica en la UCL sin tarjeta. Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, Christina Unkel y Alessandro Del Piero discuten el racismo en el fútbol, ​​en Italia y qué (si es que hay) solución habrá para combatirlo en el mundo del fútbol. Transmita todos los partidos de la UEFA Champions League en vivo en Paramount+:

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48 comentarios en «Debate sobre el racismo en el fútbol con Thierry Henry, Micah Richards y Christina Unkel | Deportes CBS»
  1. I wonder if it's anything to do with the fact that elite footballers have become so estranged from ordinary folk by receiving obscene amounts of money for playing a game which many ordinary folks do for nothing over the weekend as a recreation. Common sense all round please.

  2. God is watching Spain and Italy will be cursed like Sodom and Gomorrah, mark my words leprosy, poverty , complete and utter financial desolation will rain on this nation. I went to Alicante for vacation with some european friends and i was the only one the cops stopped out of a group of 30 people and they kept asking for my Visa. The same cop asked me twice in one day. Spain has a serious demon of hate and racism covering the nation. I say we ban all La Liga matches until they can respect the Black cleaners, tourist, expats, vocational- workers even the hobo's on the street, its the only way

  3. When something doesn't concern YOU, it doesn't concern you.
    This Italian "LEGEND" had a chance to begin a fight against the injustice, but remembered who pays him. The presenter…Ms Abdo has to move to the mainstream media. I need to see her face and fearlessness on T.V.
    You know Thiery is hurt by this, as am I.
    Why do keep watching if this affects us? Are such mindless zombies.
    Stop going to matches, voice your disgust, boycott games. Fifa will learn from loss of money.

  4. If hometean do that they get a puplic empty Match after

    If are Other Team fans otber Team play without public next natch

    That is Lose for Fans and That is how Do something That Force Fans to Shut up in rasist Shouting for they HURT OWN TEAM AND OWN FANS CAN NOT SEE NEXT MATCH That is Actually Make Fans Understand To shut up 🤔
    Not need be more Complicated than that 🤔
    No more BS are punished after Match and Than Leaave problem to Clubs that AI face Recognation Use on matches do when enter Arena camera pick up Those Rasists and in that use Technology actually Exist to take those people out from enter all arena in Ligue are Easy do and Can Give 5 matches they not can see and then take them away from Photo List do are Already Uses technology are no more BS second time rest of season are Actually Not need be that clever use that tech for Police use it already and most has a mobile 🤔
    When a fan ar on list shows are Guards get Message and photo so Can then show those peopke out of Arena so are use today technology 🤔

  5. Black ppl all around the world have this delusion that one day we can have global inclusion… will never happen…..we have to stick together and join those who openly want the best for humanity not just one race or class

  6. So, if I'm black and I stand against racism I can get a red card, If I don't stand against racism and just keep playing, I have to get hit by objects and just keep eating the Bannas thrown at me? This means two things, there are some players/coaches/owners and fans who just don't' want black people to be playing soccer period. The other is ever so basic the beautiful game isn't beautiful.

  7. Racism is valid for all the races not only black. there is a lot of racism from black people and other races against white people today and most people thinks it's ok. These are color people playing in a white league and of course they will hear some offensive names. If white people play on a black league they will also hear offensive names. Soccer is a very emotional sport. We continuously hear offensive names from the bench and from the fans towards the other team. The referees are in fact the only ones that should complain because they take offences from all the people at the stadium. I personally think is totally wrong but we all know that it's the emotion of the game. We see it in all games at all levels – from kids to adults. Most of the people at the stadium are not racists. Eusebio which is one of the main soccer players from all times was called (and still is) the black panther. I am pretty sure he was never offended with such designation. On the contrary. It was proud of it. There are no white panthers, right? So, a white fan calls monkey to a black player and is racism but if calls giraffe to a white player is not racism is just an offensive. If we will take out every person that says an offence the stadium will be completely empty. Lets' please let the good sense to prevail. If any not white player doesn't want to hear any offensive names from the other team regarding its color or appearance the best it to play in its own league. Then this person will still hear offensive names but as they will come from a person from the similar race it will not be racism any longer.

  8. So so tired of hearing how “at least things are getting better”. It deflects from the point and attempts to invalidate the righteous anger of those affected. Pain is pain. Face our pain and commit to doing your part to change it. Racism doesn’t need to get “better”, it needs to END!

  9. It's deeply held pain that's being expressed here ..please listen!!!!
    Dans une certaine émission tv française j'écoutais des grandes gueules puantes exprimer clairement les théories de l'eugénisme..presque texto avec le ton gnangnan bien connu "… mais c'est bien connu que du côté des îles d'au-delà il y a des athlètes musclés qui courent vite mais.."
    C'était en février 2014 et je pressentais que ça sentais mauvais…en fait ça disputait de savoir qui était le meilleur attaquant français

  10. Shame on you CBS for this video! You really have no clue what you are talking about and the several "I can't understand why" are there to prove it. I think that a professional discussion on this topic should have started by understanding how the football world works and then insert racism (as well as other types of discrimination) in the equation. A few food-for-thought elements which apparently you forgot: 1) Many if not all big clubs' supporter groups are infiltrated by criminals who run their own "business" with in-stadium selling of drugs, reselling of free tickets, organization of away matches etc.. If a club tries to contrast them they fight back to defend their source of income; 2) In professional football it has always been very common to try to destabilize the adversary by bullying, intimidating, offending etc. to avoid him focusing on the play and perform at his best; 3) Referees are currently living in a limbo due to the introduction of VAR and tends to exceed in their acts to justify their need on the field. Similarly the federation is currently choosing its battles with the referees by attacking them only on key issues where economic interests are at stake (introduction of VAR in 3rd league etc.).

    By saying this I am basically just saying that the origin of the problem is that now professional football is a business and not a simple sport (nothing new). Let's continue now and please put on this nice picture the element of racism (kind of pouring fuel on the fire), a disgrace of our societies which comes since far and which, I agree, is indeed fading too slowly but which has also increased notably its visibility in relatively recent years. This increase in racism's visibility has, in my opinion, made it emerging as one of the most divisive factors along at least the three elements above listed.

    As for #1, if you want to have a club to get a fine or some negative pubblicity on media (which in turn affects the club's finances) just throw some bananas, much easier than to organize a street fight with another club's supporters or to try to intimidate official key staff of the club.

    As for #2 the reason is quite evident, easy peasy, the problem is more when the discrimination on the basis of the race or of the ethic group is not in place, what to do if my opponent is just an average caucasian?…. then a bit of more of fantasy is needed although offenses based on the personal sexual orientation are still a classic. When even this does not work then the reference to the sexual behaviour of your mother (as in the Zaniolo case) or of your sister (as for Zidane in the World Cup final of 2006) should still make it.

    As for #3 reason are also quite evident (both for referees and federation) and believe that this is another common trait to many football federations in Europe.

    Summarizing, my personal opinion is that racism is a very complex problem of our societies that deserves to be discussed in a very much deeper manner. If CBS journalists feel they need to discuss this in linkage with football then they should first do the homeworks and get to know such world better (not sufficient to ask to a few former football players…)

    I also doubt that such superficial discussions, full of holes in the logic and full of empty statements and stereotypes, actually helps the fight to racism. Last but not least I would like to send Lukaku as well my warmest solidarity for what happened. `

  11. Racism is bullying and unfortunately people do not want to educate themselves and develop as human beings. That is why the West is in decline: it has thrown away its best and most inspiring values and dumbed down to the level of the least educated and evolved of its societies. Tragic.

  12. Del Piero's response was not enough either. Players NEED to be protected. Of course, you can't give a red card to a fan. However, football officials and club officials should be making strides to protect their players. That means removing racist chanters, banning fans, closing the stadium during the game if necessary, and making tickets more exclusive and expensive.

  13. its very simple deduct 2 points if it carries on every time, that's fair why this is still not happening amazes me, clearly they don't care FIFA was is and always will be racist. If this happens then people will stop coming to games, players wont want to play for a club that doesn't deserve them!!! SIMPLE!!!

  14. I see a constant narrative from certain individuals about moving forward uts not as bad as it used to be, black people will wait for equality untill the sun uses all its energy and burns out( they will wait for the next 3000 years) they will stil be complaining about racism in sports in 20 from now. There is only one way out.

  15. As a lifelong Juventino, it's so embarassing to see my idol in Alex squirm and convulse trying to reach for excuses. It's so indicative of the cognitive dissonance that Italians have around race and racial discrimination.
    Notice how Alex waters it down by saying "any kind of discrimination" repeatedly. He uses words like "this silliness" from the crowd.
    It's just pathetic.
    And make no mistake, football administrators in Italy think like Alessandro Del Piero. They talk like Alex.
    "This silliness needs to stop" "it's like North and South" "we need different ideas"…

    You have two black former professionals that played in Italy telling you the reality. You have a professional ref telling you that she would not have booked Lukaku.

    If Lukaku is inciting the crowd, he should have been booked every time he's done that celebration. But he hasn't.
    The referee booked him in this instance because THE REF UNDERSTOOD he was responding to racist taunts from earlier in the game, and the ref deemed that LUKAKU was inciting the crowd according to the letter of the law.
    And the federation not rescinding the yellow sent a clear message that they are CONTENT with this hypocrisy.

    It is a massive s%!tshow, from start to finish.

    I sincerely hope Alex watches this back and cringes as much as I am at his own response.

  16. Havertz shushed his own chelsea supporters…..and didn’t get a yellow, the Italian FA is questionable at best

    Kate tried to say it doesn’t happen in Italy specifically, but the worst cases happen there!

  17. Next Game, I would Stand Still in the middle of the Field and refuse to play… let them carry me out by security and give a Press Conference to explain why I refuse to play for a Racist League

  18. Would also be great to speak about the racism that the likes of Yan Karamoh from Trino Moise Kean and Juan cuadrado, and both Dusan Vlahovic and Filip Costic being called " dirty gypsies " by Inter fans in that same game, or they don't deserve to be defended? they don't have the privilege or COVERAGE by the media?? This shit you're doing, this in itself is bigotry, favouritism, discrimination and an utterly shameful display of segregation in football where certain profiles are defended heard and sympathized with but you look the other way when it comes to others …

  19. It’s crazy he got another yellow card for essentially doing the shut up sign. So fans can be racist to you all game but if you score and put your finger to your lips that’s a yellow card. Now ask yourself how many times you’ve seen opposing players score and put their fingers to their lips?. I have no idea wtf that referee is on.

  20. I don't care about any of this. I just want to watch sports and be away from politics. Injecting politics into sports is BS. I mean there isn't even any context. I can ask the simplest of questions. How many people in the crowd were chanting this? Was it one? Ten? Hundred? If it's one. Then ban him. If it's a hundred. Fine the team. Ban as may people as you could identify. Why does this have to be news on a sports show. It's a sports show. Meant for sports. You know. Rough day at work. Want to get away. Turn on the TV. They talking about politics. Yes racism has been hijacked by politics. As we are all suppose to believe racism only goes one way.

  21. Serie A fans have always been typically the most racially charged group in football. Italy and South America it seems. I don't know how much longer we can push No to Racism there and still see no progress but it seems like that's just going to be how it is for the foreseeable future. Absolute disgrace

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