Prueba The Athletic GRATIS durante 30 días: 📗 El nuevo libro de Tifo, «How to Watch Football» ya está disponible internacionalmente: Después de llegar en 2014, Mauricio Pochettino mantuvo al Tottenham Hotspur en una curva ascendente constante. Cuatro resultados entre los cinco primeros en sus primeros cuatro años terminaron a mitad de la temporada 2019/20 con los Spurs cerca del pie de la tabla de la Premier League. ¿Entonces qué pasó? ¿Qué le salió tan mal a Pochettino en los Spurs? Seb Stafford-Bloor escribe. Ilustrado por Marco Bevilacqua. Siga a Tifo Football: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Escuche el podcast de Tifo Football: The Athletic UK: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Vea más Tifo Football: Tácticas explicadas: Finanzas y leyes: Tifo Football Podcast: Videos más recientes: 1 Videos populares: Acerca de Tifo Football: Tifo ama el fútbol. Creamos desgloses tácticos, históricos y geopolíticos detallados del hermoso juego. Sabemos que existe un apetito por el contenido reflexivo e inteligente. Para cosas que hacen simple lo complicado. Brindamos análisis sobre la Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup y más. Nuestros podcasts entrevistan a algunas de las principales figuras del juego. Y nuestro editorial cubre el fútbol con profundidad y perspicacia. Fundada en 2017 y se convirtió en parte de The Athletic en 2020. Para consultas comerciales, comuníquese con Música procedente de Material adicional procedente de #PremierLeague #Spurs #THFC

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35 comentarios en «El ascenso y la caída de los Spurs de Pochettino»
  1. Lack of investment for 2 consecutive windows left them stagnated. PL is a demanding league with nearly 5-6 teams competing for top 4.The new stadium and all really hurt Spurs. And thats why Arsene Wenger deserves enormous credit for keeping Arsenal in Top 4 despite not investing heavily in the club after the Emirates was built. With Poch at Chelsea and a big squad he will have a good shot at getting them back in the top 4.

  2. I dont think it can be understated the decline in the pressing/vertical style due to injury and lack of squad depth. When Poch was dropping Dele deeper and deeper, sacrificing his high line, and focusing more of playing in transition than holding possession, we lost the vitality that had made us competitors.
    The recruitment was abysmal, player development was poor, the timing of the redevelopment of facilities and off-pitch stuff was unfortunate – but losing that team and that style, having that for just two seasons really – that's the crucial point.
    In hindsight, if Pochettino were to go, a coach with his ethos that could have committed to embedding the whole squad, who stressed patience and process, and regained that vitality in our style, that would have been fine. Instead, Levy chose Mourinho because he was "a winner", he wanted pedigree and charisma, and, absent of a mediating presence who could have advised against this, he made the biggest mistake of his tenure as chairman.
    Mourinho took a team losing its vitality and sapped it of confidence, alienated the new intake, and blamed it all on everybody other than himself. Conte did likewise in the end.
    All I can say for Poch at Chelsea is that he will have less time to make it work, a playing staff with high expectations, and a fanbase that hold no love for him. He'll have to make it work on day one.

  3. All this talk of Poch coming to United, I hoped it would not come fruition and the CL final confirmed it. Moura scored a hat trick in the semi and puts him on bench for the Final while Kane, who hadn't kicked a ball in 2 months, started. What even is that!

  4. As a spurs fan, I hope pochettino gets the support he needs at Chelsea, He is clearly a top top manager and can bring the best out of players. As a club Tottenham failed him, and the fans by not investing in the team.

  5. If I'm understanding this video correctly, the lack of recruitment and signings by the Spurs board is what truly led to their stagnation. Though it was noted that Pochettino's style was physically demanding and may have factored significantly into the club's injury problems, that doesn't seem to be faulted as a main cause of decline.

    I wouldn't mind a video that does an updated overview of Pochettino's tactics. I haven't really been following him since he left the Spurs. How does Tifo find Pochettino's managing of PSG? Did PSG even let him implement his style, or was that perhaps impossible in the face of such immense celebrity-player power?

  6. No other manager in the world would be able to replicate what Poch did between 2015-19 with 30 Million to spend on transfers. He is an exceptional manager and can build your team from the ground up. Unfortunately his extreme style requires fresh players and a full squad, and of course by the end of his time the players would be so burnt out if they are the only ones playing.

  7. He’s messed up royally when he left Lucas Moura (who single handedly got them into the final) out of the starting line up and instead started an out of form Kane. History would have been different.

  8. As a spurs fan I can say there was no rise,poch won nothing and basically played an injured kane ahead of a lucas that dragged us kicking and screaming to the need luck to win trophies,lucas was that luck but poch couldn't see it..sure his market knowledge was OK but it produced nothing..

  9. When you’re written into another clubs’s history in a way they wouldn’t want:

    Man. Utd:
    the last team to be beaten at White Hart Lane AND Upton Park.

    West Ham:
    first team to score AND first team to win at Tottenham’s new stadium.

    West Ham:
    beat Arsenal in Highbury’s last game AND first team to win at Arsenal’s new stadium.

    never beaten by West Ham in the EPL, in 14 attempts.

    What have you got?

  10. People talk about Pochettino as if he is a young up and coming manager with his peak ahead of him. The fact is he is a 51 yo busted flush whose peak was finishing 3rd in a 2 horse race with (now relegated) Leicester City.

    There's no reason to think those issues of over-training and boring tactics won't be much worse at Chelsea where the players are more injury prone (Reece James can't play more than 2 or 3 games in a row), have a lot of power and take personal offence to being asked to run! Add in his weird touchline decisions and how long before the fans are also calling for him to go. I give him 6 months.

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