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48 comentarios en «Por qué los MEGA fichajes saudíes cambiarán el fútbol PARA SIEMPRE…»
  1. As a Saudi I hope our leauge get better, but I'm realistic, without consistency in investments this will change nothing, how long will PIF fund this non profitable enterprise!! China and other Arab Gulf countries have done it already ""for a while""
    I have my own reservation about this project, the government and the people all run on government funded money, we have no taxes, only 15%vat. Anyways I hope for the best but I expect less.
    Only fools will think the saudi league will compete with the top5

  2. Fair play to Brian. Not letting any ego get in the way and willing to do deals with GG poker, whoever the fu%k that is 😂😂. Its like when a PL player is willing to play in the championship to recover their career 👏👏.
    FFP was always an awful idea. Markets need to be open to grow. Its economics 101. Putting rules in place specifically to prevent the growth of certain market share holders just results in failure.
    Without City, the PL would be in the mud like La Liga/Bundesliga/Seria a etc.
    No wonder the Saudi's are moving fast. They smell opportunity.

  3. Transfer 2023 summers list are:
    1. Houssem Aouar – Lyon to Roma
    2. Youri Tielemans – Leicester City to Aston Villa
    3. Caglar Soyuncu – Leicester City to PSG
    4. Marco Asensio – Real Madrid to PSG
    5. Inigo Martinez – Athletic Bilbao to Barcelona
    6. Milan Skriniar – Inter Milan to PSG
    7. Konrad Laimer – RB Liepzig to Bayern Munich
    8. Remy Bensebaini – Borussia Monchengladbach to Borussia Dortmund
    9. Mahmoud Dahoud – Borussia Dortmund to Brighton
    10. Alexis Mac Allister – Brighton to Liverpool FC
    11. Jude Bellingham – Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid
    12. Ander Herrera – PSG to Athletic Bilbao

  4. As a Saudi, I am surprised to pay such large sums not only to football stars, but even to many sports championships such as Formula E, Formula 1, golf, WWE, the Boxing World Cup, rally, etc..

    There is an unprecedented sports movement in Saudi Arabia and in many sports, and Saudi Arabia competes in hosting the largest sports tournaments and wants to encourage these sports among the Saudi people and develop them in the Kingdom
    The Saudi League has been trying to privatize it commercially for many years, and the plans did not succeed, but now the Saudi Investment Fund, which owns Newcastle, has acquired the largest Saudi clubs, which are Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr, Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly, and they have the most fan base in Saudi Arabia.

    The Saudi Investment Fund wants to develop these entities to be commercially successful. I think the Public Investment Fund has some experience in sports investment after their experience at Newcastle Club.
    I think that the largest fans of international clubs are from outside the country, and this is what achieves great profitability for the largest international sports clubs in selling sports kits and other things.

    The popularity of the world's best football stars is what will attract the world's fans to watch the Saudi League and buy kits for its stars. We saw Al-Nasr club kits all over the world after Christian Ronaldo moved to Al-Nasr club

    The government's goal is for the Saudi League to be among the 10 best leagues in the world, and they may aim for something bigger

    Perhaps the transfer of these stars has a marketing aspect, because I hear that Saudi Arabia may be trying to host the FIFA World Cup after the success of the State of Qatar in hosting it.
    The challenges are great with sports investment in football in Saudi Arabia, and we will see what the Public Investment Fund will do to make the Saudi mass clubs achieve commercial successes in their investment projects.
    Some Saudi clubs have been allocated to large investment companies and organizations, such as Al-Qadisiyah Club acquired by Aramco, the largest company in the world, Al-Ula Club acquired by the Royal Commission in Al-Ula, Al-Diriyah Club acquired by the Diriyah Development Company, and Falcons Club acquired by NEOM

    With these steps, more than 5 Saudi clubs have been transformed from a government club into a commercial investment club, and this will raise the sports and competitive movement between Saudi clubs.

    Perhaps we will see opening the way for foreign investments to Saudi clubs in the near future, as is the case in European clubs, and this will increase sports competition because we will see foreign expertise in sports investment developing some Saudi clubs.

  5. Saudi royal mafia can do to the UCL & PL what it did to PAG Tour gulf. 😒 It can start another UCL or PL like competition & pay a lot to attract clubs & big players away from UCL & PL. 😒

  6. I cant see it happening. For me China tried to do it before but their government have intervened and stopped what was happening and made a cap on how footballers can earn in China. I think they will continue buy players 30+ at the end of their careers and thats it….

  7. Saudi going all in on football for a world cup bid to kick start their own league globally. Doing all they can to diversify from their number 1 money maker, oil. They got so much moneys, they aint even assed if their footballing plans fail.

  8. I’d be tempted to write this off, however, with money like that floating about you could easily see someone like Mbappe being tempted, then who knows who else might follow suit

  9. The premier league need to scrap ffp or they're in danger of loosing their best players, we seen it with golf, they didn't go after biggest stars straight away, they got most influential golfers 1st then rest thought, yeah I want a bit of that..

  10. As a Saudi, PIF has just declared that they’ll have 75% of the top 4 teams in Saudi Arabia. They want to set the clubs up as approachable investments, because these clubs were owned by the Saudi FA & most of their money comes from rich donors. Which aren’t sustainable & doesn’t fit the direction that the country is taking as a whole.

  11. Sorry,True Geordie,but your analysis seems like fanciful nonsense,as The English Premier League (now) = 'The European Super League' ,which is why Real Madrid's Perez tried to get the 'English Big 6' onboard first – he knew/observed all the main international sales, sponsorship(s),finances & overall viewership,etc.,is going into the EPL and eventually bypassing all,the other Euro. domestic leagues [LaLiga,Serie A,etc.].😐
    P.S. the embryonic Saudi League like the USA's MLS are nothing more,than 'retirement leagues' for fading football stars ! 🙄

  12. Argument doesn’t add up, think of golf. Saudi launched the LIV golf competition and poached over many of the top top players by offering crazy contracts, but more people still watch the PGA tour because of the history/prestige and legacy.

  13. Difference is, neither the Americans nor the Chinese care about football, on the other hand Saudi people and the rest of the Middle East only know one sport and it’s football. I literally lived in Miami 4 years never knew or heard anyone talking about Inter Miami or the MLS. Second, the time of Saudi League is close to most people who love football 5pm-8pm in Europe. America itself has many time zones which makes it impossible for anyone to follow their sports!!

  14. Saudi youth teams are usually are as good as European youth teams and sometimes better, however when they become professional players the European players have access to better competitive leagues than Saudis which develop them faster. So bringing big names is only a one step from many. First, Saudi League teams just got privatized which means more money and investments. Second, Saudi League stadiums are all going under reconstruction to be ready by 2027. Third, Saudi League is now being broadcasted in 125 countries thanks for CR7, with plans to go even broader. Fourth, Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in youth, while making it hard for Saudis to be playing in Saudi league if they don’t improve themselves which would help them in playing in other leagues too. Fifth, Saudi Arabia plans to increase the number of registered professional players from 2000 to 20,000 players, which would increase the chances of a Saudi players to be discovered. Last, Saudi People love football and it’s the only sport they care about, which differentiates the Saudi league from the CSL or MLS.

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