Prueba The Athletic GRATIS durante 30 días: 📗 El nuevo libro de Tifo, «How to Watch Football» ya está disponible internacionalmente: Cuando Harry Maguire impulsó ese cabezazo contra Suecia en el Mundial 2018 nació un nuevo héroe de culto inglés. Después de otra temporada sólida con el Leicester City, Maguire se convirtió en el central más caro de la historia del fútbol británico al mudarse al Manchester United. Cuatro años después, Maguire ya no es titular automático en el club y es objeto de frecuentes burlas en las redes sociales. ¿Entonces qué pasó? Seb Stafford-Bloor explica. Marco Bevilacqua ilustra. Siga a Tifo Football: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Escuche el podcast de Tifo Football: The Athletic UK: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Vea más Tifo Football: Tácticas explicadas: Finanzas y leyes: Tifo Football Podcast: Videos más recientes: 1 Videos populares: Acerca de Tifo Football: Tifo ama el fútbol. Creamos desgloses tácticos, históricos y geopolíticos detallados del hermoso juego. Sabemos que existe un apetito por el contenido reflexivo e inteligente. Para cosas que hacen simple lo complicado. Brindamos análisis sobre la Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup y más. Nuestros podcasts entrevistan a algunas de las principales figuras del juego. Y nuestro editorial cubre el fútbol con profundidad y perspicacia. Fundada en 2017 y se convirtió en parte de The Athletic en 2020. Para consultas comerciales, comuníquese con Música procedente de Material adicional procedente de #PremierLeague #MUFC #EPL

En encontrarás las camisetas de los equipos de fútbol más importantes del mundo y de las selecciones nacionales más fuertes. Las elásticas de partido y entrenamiento de clubes como el Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, PSG o países como la selección española, alemana o inglesa las encontrarás En Camisetas de fútbol baratas porque tenemos las mejores ofertas y descuentos para ti.

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26 comentarios en «¿Qué pasó con Harry Maguire?»
  1. Someone tell Macguire to see the EYE DOCTOR, a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST and then take a HOLIDAY AT A REMOTE LOCATION where there's no TV, Radio and Internet. A 21 day meditation with the monks in the Himalayas will help clear his head and reset his mental equilibrium. He's still a good player.

  2. He’d have had a much easier time from the fans/social media if he’d simply shown some accountability. Instead, he came out fighting; “i have nothing to prove” etc. His performances have been really poor. Like, really poor. For him not to acknowledge it or even take himself out of the firing line by giving up the captaincy means this is all self inflicted IMO. I wish him well at a new club, but he needs to go.

  3. I am not the one to bash any player for bad performances. But his mistakes have been just shocking. To add to this, the contiued support from english media also makes it quite annoying. Finally, maguire himself has rarely acknowledged his bad performances and have been open to taking credit where there was none due. These factors make me wanna give no f*cks to him.

  4. Nothing „happened“ to him. He’s a very good defender for a team that defends. His qualities are that of a player who’s team plays a deep line. He is not and never was a good fit for a team that plays a high line and presses (ie a good team). DeGea is the same. Hes a good shot stoppet for a team that faces allot of shots. Hes not good at distribution or sweeping. Qualities that are needed for a top teams goalkeeper. Mcaguire is the same player he always was. He was a recruitment error for a team like United

  5. Maguire over the last 2 seasons has put in some of the worst displays of any United player I have ever seen. It's been worse than watching Jones and Smalling falling over each other and doing clownish things. But Jones could play quickly and (sometimes) had a first touch. Smalling was rapid and scored goals for us on big occasions.
    When Maguire comes on it gives the opposition a lift. When he gets the ball he kills all attacking momentum. Instead of him having the ball being a threat to the opposition, when he receives a pass it is an opportunity for them to score by winning it high up the pitch with the defensive line stretched. The goal which is mentioned on this video, against Leicester, that is not a one off. His awareness and timing seems to be half a second behind the rest.
    I thought Smalling was the worst technical footballer I have ever seen at United, but Maguire makes him look like Maldini.

  6. When he was at Hull and Leicester from what I saw, he was good.He was slow but he could read the game and had good timing. Now his confidence looks dented and his awareness is gone. He looks scared.

    His not as bad as he looks but he needs to leave Utd.

  7. Deck Chair fans who’ve never kicked a ball on grass acting as footy experts at a club currently going through their modern banter era are what happened to Harry Maguire, let’s not pretend it’s anything else. As soon as he leaves Man U he will be performing well for any other club

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