FSU was ROBBED of a college football playoff spot this weekend and ESPN is the main culprit. We’re talking about all that here and more.

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32 comentarios en «ESPN ADMITS to SCREWING FSU Football out of CFB Playoffs»
  1. I’m shocked an FSU fan thinks this is a conspiracy against Florida state…let’s all be honest man y’all would get beat with your third string freshman qb by any 3 of those teams…if Jordan Travis on the field I would have loved to see fsu in the playoffs …I don’t really have a college football team per-say I love watching it but I don’t have a fav team fr so from a completely unbiased opinion I’m happy I get to watch two games that will probably be more competitive and compelling then fsu w their 3rd string qb I feel for fsu and the players but the committee straight up said their not the same without Travis and everyone knows that’s the truth…the way fsu can put this to bed and have a stronger argument and f*** you to everyone is come out and beat Georgia and shut everyone up…fsu fans should stop talkin all this stuff until that game bc one way or another fsu fans and team will either be vindicated or humiliated…

  2. Does anyone really wanna watch Florida state and their 3rd string qb in the playoffs ?? Like let’s all be honest…the CFB committee gave us what they deemed the best product they could for a few different reasons…they don’t want a repeat of last year…65-7 and that was against a team with their starting qb for the whole year…and no one besides Georgia fans enjoyed that game…bottom line is it’s a business and a product and they want to and have to put the best product on the field…


    The sec has been trying to take the ACC out of commission for 2 decades. This is just another attempt…. by influence. The sec is threatened by the ACC because the ACC has 3 legitimate brands that recruit speed from the south and can win Championships and deny the sec same. Sec attempts at expansion have been snubbed by ACC Brands in the past. This is just another attempt at payback.

  4. eliminate all human components…. 1) condense to 8 conferences. All teams must be in a conference to get into the playoffs (The ND must join a conference rule). 2)Run your regular season 3) top two teams in the conference play for conference title. 4) conference champs get a berth in the playoff. 5) berths are rotated each year (no fixed brackets, so ACC vs SEC year one, ACC vs BIG 10 year two, etc.) 6)single elimination.

    Playoffs fixed

  5. All 3 of those chickenshit assholes are doing as they are told. No balls! They are reiterating the narrative because they want 2 superconferences. If they want to really make money, put Oregon, Florida State, Georgia and Ohio State and have an eight game playoff they already broke all the rest of the rules so who cares do it again because you can do what you want to do that way everyone watches all the games and they make a hell of a lot more money if they really thought about it and were business people they would’ve put the 13 committee member meeting on TV they would’ve had enough advertising money to pay for the whole playoff. That’s what real business people would do but they’re chickenshit.

  6. Well I guess now FSU knows how UCF felt when they were ignored. Anyone who thinks the CFP is anything but the SEC’s bitch is delusional because it all comes down to money. The CFP is a total fraud that only cares about the all mighty buck. But it is fun watching the FSU’s butt hurt since they being treated like UCF was.

  7. Lol people still crying and talking stupid. Florida went undefeated congrats but who did they really beat. Sos rank 77th, a 8-3 Louisville team for a conference championship winning only 17-7 passing for 55 total yards. Florida ain't been nobody since Tebow mmmaaannn stop. If they that good beat Georgia and talk this same crap then. Not gone happen. Famous words on my boy Lane kiffin get your popcorn.

  8. Fsu screwed fsu. They have had numerous chances to get out of the weak acc. They were part of the bloc against the 12 team playoff happening this year. They put an embarassment of an offense on the field against Louisville. They have noone to blame but themselves.

  9. When you have Tua and then replace him with Jalen Hurts there is no issue, but when you have a back up quarterback and then are inept beating Louisville team in a Championship game, you just are not good enough. If you showed a better performance, I would think you would be in, but FSU did not.

  10. Did they not try to bring FSU into the SEC in the 80s and the 90s but Bobby Bowden said no to that because he knew the ACC was easier conference because y'all was the best team in it now you're the only team left in it

  11. There is a precedent in basketball for what happened to Florida State.
    In 2000, Kenyon Martin blew out his knee in the first round of the C-USA tournament. The 28-3 Bearcats were ranked #1 in both polls and were a lock for a #1 seed. The selection committee dropped them to a #2 behind 26-6 Arizona and 26-7 Michigan State. Cincinnati proved how much Martin meant by losing in the second round to Tulsa.
    Florida State struggled offensively against a Louisville team which lost by 17 to 3-9 Pitt and then lost at home to a Kentucky team which had lost five of six. Tough luck. That's life.

  12. Finebaum, Herbstreit, McElroy and others at ESPN should sue you for slander. You are making baseless accusations. That's why YouTube sucks sometimes, giving voice to bitter fanboys who can't take it. It's a freaking game.

  13. FSU was deprived/robbed of a golden opportunity of which they clearly and rightfully EARNED! I can only hope FSU and Georgia stand in solidarity in boycotting the bowl game; in addition, no other team(s) accepting the invite…it should be a loud and clear message for ESPN, ACC, NCAA and the CFP Selection Committee regarding this scenario and FSU departing the ACC.

  14. I'm sure someone has mentioned this, but I remember fans of the 1993 National Championship team using a lot of similar arguments to justify their reasoning.
    Edit: I love sports in general and CFB in particular, but man the level of outrage and histrionics might be better directed at the million and 1 things in this world that are truly tragic.

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